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Monday, June 24, 2013

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Cassie's first impression of Graham at age 14 was that he was "a little weird and wore nerdy glasses" aaaaand that he wouldn't stop following her around at band camp.  But really, what could she expect from any boy with half a brain--because who wouldn't want to follow around the little blonde girl with startlingly blue eyes?  Thankfully it wasn't soon after that that Cassie was able to see past his awkward stage (hey, we ALL go through them, right?!) and developed a major crush on him that lasted through all of highschool.

But it wasn't until just over a year ago that they actually started to really get to know each other, and quickly became the best of friends.  Graham sealed the deal (and won the rights to follow her around forever ;) last winter and they're getting married later this summer!

Graham described Cassie to me as a "no-nonsense pure beauty" whose full bodied, doubled over kind of laughter never fails to make him smile.  And Cassie's first impression of Graham quickly went from "nerdy/weird" to "the coolest person ever" whose "unrealistically positive attitude is the most adorable thing ever..."

Enjoy their engagement pictures taken a few weeks ago in Chicago, and I can't wait to share pictures from their wedding in just over a month!
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Much Love,
Jessica Shae
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  1. Aww, what a sweet story! And the photos are beautiful. =)

  2. Love love love Cantigny and your pictures. :)

  3. aw, these are darling. :) presh. x

  4. So lovely!! Such gorgeous light. And they're adorable together!

  5. these are so lovely and sweet! adorable :)

  6. This story makes me laugh, smile, and 'awwww' all the way through! ;)

  7. So, so sweet and beautiful. :)


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