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Friday, March 30, 2012

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but I realized about ten o'clock this morning that it's the last Friday of the month which means that it's time for an instagram recap!  March has been full and happy--trying to prepare for the busy-ness of wedding season, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather (which means I've started working on my tan--hooray!), and shooting my first two weddings of the year, in the same weekend, in two different states... talk about an adventure!

1. // Favorite street on earth, my grandparents.  2. // New kicks for spring, courtesy of the little girl section in Target.  3. // Family trip to the mall, where all the sibs get their fill of angry birds and temple run :P  4. // Driving home from church one night I had to stop and grab this shot--it was just so beautiful.  5. // New bookshelves made out of old crates, and books organized by color!  6. // Very happy faces after The Boy got an amazing job offer!  7. // I don't care a thing about bball, but I filled out a bracket and I'm determined to beat those boys :)  8. // I came home from a senior shoot one night looking like I'd been playing in the mud.  9. // Horseback riding date with The Boy.  10. // sunset + rainbow.  11. // First wedding of the season, and my mind was blown with their creativity!  12. // Loved having Elisabeth Carol as my second shooter last weekend!  13. // Flew to Mississippi earrrlly Saturday morning on what had to be the smallest plane used by commercial airlines. seeerrriously.  14. // My beautiful mississippi bride.  15. // Loved everything about Mississippi, the church I visited...  16. // ...the beautiful giant trees...  17. // ...picnics by the lake with my Whitney friend/traveling buddy... 18. // ...and all the lovely blooming things everywhere you looked.  19. // "Food is essential to life, therefore, make it good." aaaaamen.  20. // There are some days that I leave the house and realize my accessories are so matchy matchy it's almost annoying,  I guess it's what happens when you love one color SO much.

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. I love those shoes and the rainbow! "#2 New kicks for spring, courtesy of the little girl section in Target." Now those are some quality words. Ha!

  2. Love. LOVE. Oh my gosh. LOVE, Jessica! These are so beautiful. You have such a skill... and this wedding was just amazing. I swear... in three-four years. You're doing my wedding photos. No doubt about it. <3



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