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Friday, January 20, 2012

I love instagram. Love love LOVE it.  It gives validity to all the exessive picture taking I do on my phone all day long.  Because let's face it, I can post 6-8 pictures a day on instagram if I wanted (and sometimes I do) but if I did that on FB, it would be just plain annoying.  I'd annoy even myself with that kind of behavior.  But sometimes even sharing my pictures with the instagram world isn't quite enough.  Because lovely as it is, it is kind of limited on who can be a part of the party.  So in order to make everyone feel more included every now and then I'm going to have to share some of my favorites with you here.  And if you're on instagram and don't mind following someone who posts way to many pictures of food and The Boy then look me up, my user name is "Jessica Shae" (imagine that;)

And in case you aren't interested in looking at lousy cell phone pictures you should AT LEAST scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the last's kind of exciting :)

1. She loves to be in the middle of things. Even board games // 2. Isn't her face the cutest?

1. The Boy and I have started keeping a running list of each of our top ten favorite stores.  They can be anything from hardware stores, to office supply stores, to clothings stores, etc. I realized the other day that QuikTrip definitely needs to be on my list. That place totally redefines what a convenience store can and should be.  //  2. QuikTrip is also where I get my supply of these little bites of deliciousness that I'm addicted to right now.  They were my lunch today :)

Super excited to be going to Jasmine*'s "The Fix" next month...any of my Dallas friends going too?!

1. Panera date with the boy that included his happy smile, a warm fire in a fireplace (not pictured), aaaand mood music played from his phone? yes. great fun.  //  2. Baked potato soup and sierra turkey (extra turkey please!) on the most deeeelicious bread. win.

1. from the moment I saw this I knew I had found the answer to all my siblings complaints of bossiness over the years.  //   2. speaking of adorable siblings, I have several of those around here ;)

And now we come to the REAL reason for this post.  Guess who bought their first car yesterday?!?!  Yes, I am almost 23 years old and I am just now buying my first car.  But the last 5+ years of my life have been filled with other expensive purchases, like cameras and plane tickets.  And really, who needs a car when you can just fly?? ;)  But I finally caved this month and decided it was time to become a normal adult who owns a car.  And in a rather sudden un-expected turn of events I found a mercedes c230 that was in my price range aaaand made it mine yesterday :)  From it's leather interior, sunroof, and little first aid kit built in to the back (how cute is that?!) it's more than I ever expected to be able to afford, and I'm super grateful for it!  So dream list #19. is completed :)

And silly as it may sound (and as short lived as it will be) I'm looking forward to getting the oil changed, and the tiny chip in the windshield taken care of, and all those other little "taking care of your car" duties that normal adults have to do, just because it means that I finally have a car to take care of :)

Anyone need any errands run in the N. Dallas area?  I'd be glad to take care of them for you.

Happy Weekend-ing!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae  
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  1. loved this post! :)how cool you're going to J*'s the Fix! I would love to go to that...and you're making me hungry with those panera deelish. congrats on the car! how exciting!

  2. So I was reading your list and #41 stood out to me. At Northeast Mall in Hurst there's a little massage place by Sears. They give the best massages. I've had many in my life time and their's are the best. And they are very reasonably priced for a professional massage.

    And I believe you've completed more on that list since it was saved ;) like #82

    Why were some of them deleted?

  3. Aw! Congrats! Your car is so cute!

  4. Congrats on the car! And the I'm not bossy I just know what you should be doing? Epic!

  5. You're adorable! That last picture of you is beautiful! And that car... NICE! Congrats!


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