Enrique & Mary Sarah: in love {dallas engagement photographer}

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think I started laughing about 5 minutes into meeting up with these two, and didn't stop until I left. The first few minutes of conversation with Enrique and Mary Sarah went something like this...
{introduction/small talk}
Me: "So I always ask my couples at the beginning of each session what they're comfortable doing in the pictures, are y'all ok with holding hands, kissing, etc.??

{Laughter/blushing/eye rolls from both of them.}

Mary Sarah: "Oh yeah, we're great with all of that."
Enrique: "What about you? Do you kiss your boyfriend??"
Me: "Uh, I don't have a boyfriend..."

Enrique: "Really? Would you like me to get you one?? I have several friends that I'm sure would be happy to date you. How do you feel about Mexican men??"

And that's when the laughter started, and I knew we were going to have a fabulous time. ;)

People watching has always been a favorite pastime of mine (or as my mom likes to put it, "Jessica, stop staring at/analyzing them...it's rude ;) and one of my favorite parts of getting to work with couples is observing how each of them interact differently. And after watching these two for the almost 2 hours I was with them, I wished I could hang out with them all night because they were just SO MUCH fun. Enrique is a total crack up, and I loved how Mary Sarah thought he was the funniest person ever...and laughed at pretty much everything he said.

And they also happen to both be raaaather good looking, making my job easy peasy ;)

These two aren't engaged yet, but I'm preeeettty sure that's coming. And since Enrique lives far away and isn't able to come into town very often, they wanted to get some pre-engagement pictures done now while the weather was nice and it worked for everyone's schedule!

This was what I got to see pretty much the whole time.
Enrique would crack a joke, and chuckle at his own witty-ness, while Mary Sarah diiiiied with laughter ;)
I love them :)

They couldn't even kiss without laughing ;)

Enrique liked Mary Sarah for a while before she actually liked him in return. Mary Sarah told me that she was with another guy when she first met Enrique and he started liking her, "but Enrique was persistent, and it didn't take me long to flip for him!"

Enrique said that while he was getting to know Mary Sarah at one point he asked her what her long term goals were and she said that what she wanted the most was to be a wife and mother. "That's when I knew, I'm gonna marry this girl! Because it's not very often that girls will say that, and I was impressed with one that was brave enough to be honest about that!"

About halfway through the shoot we walked past this cute little bakery/cafe and Enrique decided we needed to take a break so he could treat the two of us to dessert. Mary Sarah, I think you've got a winner ;) My mouth still waters every time I think about that amazing cream puff I got...

Enrique laughingly warned me near the beginning of the shoot, "I don't really have a filter on what I say, I just say whatever I'm thinking...and sometimes I guess it's not the best, but it's just the way I am." Pretty sure Mary Sarah has become his little filter, he would say something and she would playfully hit his arm or roll her eyes (and while apologizing to me) she would laughingly tell him to cut it out.
I just laughed harder...and took more pictures ;)

Mary Sarah, I love the way you light up around him, and your adorable laugh that never seems to end. You are just so stinking cute.

And then, just when I thought they were the cutest laughingest couple I've ever seen, they pull out the we're-so-cool-model looks for me, and I wonder if they can get any perfecter?!?

Are they not the cutest thiiiings?!?!

Hey you two - I think you're pretty stinkin' amaaaazing, and if all my couples were as funny as you two I would have some pretty toned abs just from laughing so hard all the time!

Can't wait to see what God has for the two of you in the year ahead, and to hang out with y'all again for my laughing fix! ;)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. Hahaha, I love this post! And what he said to you about a boyfriend was hilarious!! Great pictures :D

  2. Wow, such beautiful photos! I love the colours!

  3. Super cute pics, the colors are crazy, I love it! And couples who laugh all the time at/with each other are my favorite...it's the best kind of love :)
    I miss you tons hon <3

  4. Love this session! Maybe some of your best work to date.

  5. So great! :) People watching is the best!

  6. So sweet, Jessica...they sure do look like amazingly-fun people to be friends with :)

  7. love the colors in these pics! they look like fun people to be around!


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