{ first day of summer - nuff said }

Monday, June 21, 2010

happy happy happy happy happy summer!

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."
~Henry James

Much Love,
Jessica Shae
p.s. yes, I realize that this does not really constitute as a "real" blog post . . . but I HAD to share some summer happiness with y'all, (because OMYGOODNESS today was the first day of my favorite time of year, and you'd better believe i was celebrating!) and i'm so swamped with work i was kinda hoping this would tide you over for a day or two. is it working? ;)
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  1. I was also celebrating summer with you...just 3 states away. ;)

  2. Cute pictures! Yay for summer:)

  3. Summer is definitely my favorite time of year!! And that's saying a lot when you live in Texas :P

  4. Jessica, I just want to say that I love your blog. And your pics are amazing. :)
    Hope you're having an awesome summer!

  5. Cute pics.. (your eyes are AMAZING, btw)
    I lovvve summer too..even in the south when its 100 degrees outside!

  6. how did you make your header? you know, the siding picture thingy...? I'd really like to know!


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