Ashley Hall {senior portraits 2010}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have said before that I love it when clients become friends, but I have to admit that it's even more fun when friends are my clients ;) It takes the relaxed fun-ness factor to a whole new level on a shoot when we have lots of inside jokes to crack each other up with. And it's especially nice when I can say to a friend, "Ok, that pose looks retarded--let's not try that one again." I kid I kid. I don't really say that, even to my friends :P

Ashley is a friend and a photographer, so shooting her was fun and easy peezy. We just walked around the downtown area of her little town in E. Texas for an afternoon laughing our heads off, climbing over fences into areas that we maaaybe weren't exactly supposed to be in (hey, all in the name of getting that perfect picture!) changing outfits at the little courthouse in the middle of town where her grandad is the County Judge, and topping it all off with ice-cream from Sonic. Have I mentioned how much I like the country/little towns, and more specifically the ones located in E. Texas!? Because I do. Really really do. So all you E. Texans out there, who wants their pictures taken? I need my cowboy hat - polite waves from everyone you see - & wildflower fix :)

O yes, and another thing I like . . . ? Strawberry blonde hair. Definite favorite.

Thank you Ashley for the fun afternoon, and Amanda for tagging along and making us all laugh ;) I love you girls.

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. beautiful!! Ashley is such an awesome girl :D

  2. This girl I know!!! We did IPS together in May...she is doing great as a photographer!!

    Love the photos, Jessica!

  3. Jessica,

    Thanks for doing my senior pics! I LOVE them! I had an awesome time walking around town with you laughing at things and climbing over and under the fence in a dress, was absolutely the best. lol. So...know that you're already booked for my engagements and wedding. Don't know when that will be, but you're mine then. :)
    Thanks again! <3

  4. Hi!
    I just found your blog thru "I'm Kristen"--- Love it! You do beautiful work.

    Now I am off to peruse the rest of your posts and add you to my blog roll!



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