A walk in the park

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I don't want any of it to change.
I wish I could just hold on to those days forever.
I have a feeling things will never be the same again, will they?"
-Anne Shirley

Sometimes, an evening spent with your family ALL together at the park, is just the happiest thing in the world. Especially because it means that your brother who has been gone for 5 months is HOME.

Sunday night was so gorgeous, the light was beautiful, happy little breezes doing dances through the grass and over our skin, and the temperature was absolutely perfect.

My brother was only home for a day and a half because this morning he moved to the Ft. Worth area where he will be working for a guy who is running for state senator. I'm so proud he got the job, and so sad it means he won't be here most of the summer :(

Can every evening be like this evening . . . please?

Just to prove I was there

We rode bikes, and played basketball

We drank sweet tea

. . . & read books.

Some of us got sweatier than others ;)

And we talked until the stars came out.

I love my family.

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
P.S. I will be posting my first wedding tomorrooooow! (I know, fiiinally, right!? :P)
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  1. Jessica! These are gorgeous. I really admire how you take pictures of everyday events and they are so beautiful. :]
    CANNOT WAIT to see the wedding you post!

  2. Oh Jessica, what a beautiful post full of even more beautiful photos - thanks for sharing, love how your heart shows through this pictures. :)

  3. Wow, discovered this via @Hannahlee, this is really good! Enjoyed this, I love the little glimpses photographers sometimes give into their lives... Soo wonderful!


  4. Lovely pictures. I can just imagine I'm watching your family - and I love it!!! That second picture collage is GORGEOUS, by the way - I LOVE it. Cute shoes. I live in flipflops all summer!!

  5. Oh mannn this just made me fall in love with summer all over again. Favorite is the superman / bicycle shot :)

    Can't wait to see your wedding post!

  6. Special days :) Your family pooch looks adorably precious and snuggly!


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