34 days of travel

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Really, how do you go about summing up over a month of awesome-ness in one little blog post? Well you make the blog post long first of all . . . so get ready people, I just can't help posting all of these pictures, they are to much fun :) I thought about breaking down my trip into several posts over several days, but decided that might just be a little to much "Jessica trip reminiscing" for y'all to handle ;)

It's funny because I have been procrastinating on blogging about my trip and this morning, when I was thinking about why that was I realized something. I think it's because I have to finally admit that it's over once I've blogged about it. But thank goodness for the pictures that ensure that even though the fun is over, the happy times will never be forgotten. One of my favorite quotes so aptly explains why I do what I do and why taking pictures is so much more than a job for me.

"We'll never forget, like everybody else. . .because we have the photographs. That's why they're so important. Whenever we start to forget. . .we can look at them and we'll remember"
~Fairytale-A True Story

My lovely trip started in CO, where all things wonderful of COURSE should start. I got a txt from one of my Denver friends right after I had landed at DIA that said: "Welcome to colorful Colorado!" Ahhh, yes. It was good to be back.

One of the first nights I was there we went to the Cheesecake factory and then bowling with a big group of my friends to celebrate this dude's 18th birthday. And really no time spent with friends is complete without the obligatory, public bathroom mirror picture ;)

I know I have said this before, but seeeeeriously. She is a HOOT. Like a bucket load of fun, time a thousand :) I think maybe she wasn't happy about her score right about then . . . or something along those lines ;)

Way to ruin the picture Jessica Shae :P Yes yes . . . you would think as a photog I would try to take an attractive picture every now and then, but really, the crazy ones are so much better sometimes.

Two super cool dudes - Stephen and Micah.

They were both on krista's and my lane all evening and my one goal was, BEAT THEM. uhhhh....lets just say, they didn't really need to worry about that actually happening. But only because I was showing mercy. I mean really, how embarrassing would it have been for them to have a girl beat them?!?

Ok ok . . . obviously, with form like that, I didn't stand a chance :P

I think Krista's awesome, but you put the two of them together, and booooy howdy, it's a riot. I like them . . . kinda alot ;)

OK, peoples, This is a reaaaally big announcement. I GOT TO GO TO THE RODEO WHILE I WAS THERE. I'm not even kidding about this. You would think that as a Texan, and a lover of all things cowboy and horses this would be something I would do on a regular basis. But no, it in fact is not. And that's not for lack of wanting to, it just has never really happened. But it has been on my "Dream List" for over a year now, so you can imagine my delight at finally getting to go!

We went early and walked around at the stock show, tried on cowgirl/cowboy hats, laughed at all the men in tight wranglers (ok, Krista and Stephen and Micah were laughing, but I wasn't, honest to goodness. I mean, that is SO a part of being a cowboy. I don't laugh at them for it.) and generally had a good time. Are you noticing a pattern here . . . ?

Never ones to stay serious for long . . .

They had yummy food that was very bad for you and WAY overpriced . . . and we made sure and partook in quite a bit of it. It's all a part of the experience, right?

The boys saw how much fun we were having trying on hats and insisted on joining in . . . really, I'm sure that's how it happened, right boys? ;)

The gang-sh-bang that came to the rodeo. Take a good look people, because these are some of the awesomest peeps you will ever see. And I love them. They are amaaaazing.

Ok, seriously . . . these guys were CRAZY. In a good way, I think. I just don't know how they can get out of bed and walk after a day of this.

After almost two weeks of nonstop fun I headed to CA, my next favorite place ;) I managed to make a last minute change in my plans and fit in a two day stop in San Fran to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousins that live there. We had fun - nuff said ;)

I can hardly stand to look at this picture it makes my heart literally skip a beat he is so utterly adorable. I wanna be like him when I grow up.

My second stop in CA was at Sarah's house, were we had plans to party it up like craaaaazzy in honor of her 21st birthday. And we did just that. We seriously had like a different party every day. It was amazing. Sarah and I met when we both were working and living in Chicago a couple of years ago. While we were there we also had another friend, Amanda, and the 3 of us were pretty much inseperable the whole time. Problem is, Sarah moved back home to CA, I moved back home to TX, and Amanda moved back home to GA, right about the same time. We couldn't possibly be more spread out across the US if we tried :P This was the first time all three of us had been together since Chicago, (almost 2 years ago) it was so much fun!

We started the parties with a fancy dinner. And of course, a bathroom mirror picture. ;)

She is so glam glam . . . every birthday girl should get to look this amazing on her birthday.

Hannah, Me, Sarah, Amanda, and Esther. . .these girls are all practically like sisters to me.

{the three amigas}

Birthday girl + Birthday candles = *Birthday wishes*

The next party was on the slopes.

Amanda had never snowboarded before, and really wanted to try it while she was in a place that it was an option. For being a beach girl she did preeeety good I must say. It was such a beautiful day, perfect snow, perfect weather, just loooovely.

Ok, all I have to say about this picture is, Sarah looks lovely . . . and I bear a very strong resemblance to a lion. Please don't be afraid people, I really don't bite.

It was so gorgeous. Not quite up to par with my beautiful CO mountains, but gorgeous all the same.

mmmmm. . .yeah, they are always the ones you look at on the slopes and hate because they have somehow managed to combine being warm, and looking adorable, into one outfit. I tried not to hate them for it . . . really I did ;)

Party #3 was her actual birthday party and it was SO amazing. She had a costume party, and I wasn't aware that this was the case until about a a week and a half before the party. Sarah's sister Esther was amazing and came up with a costume idea for me, and an outfit for me to wear, and she did my hair and make-up. She was a life saver!

I was vintage barbie, and I have to say, I had doubts about how it was going to turn out, but Esther did an amazing job of making me look like a barbie. She even gave me a little TM ;)

Here we have: Esther (Foxy Cleopatra) Sarah (a super hero named silver streak) Amanda (a pirate) and me (vintage barbie)

And then we had a shopping party. Sarah took us to some really cool outlet malls and we spent an afternoon walking thru Anthro (my favorite place EVER) and wishing we were millionaires that had enough money to spend $200+ on one shirt.

While we were there the light was soooo pretty, and I managed to squeeze in a few portraits of my gorgeous friends. Amanda's eyes in this picture pretty much blow me away . . . and yes, they are really that blue in real life :P

We tried on hats in one store . . . and took another mirror picture.

Sarah Suzanne Ramey - I love you so so much <3>

I love this picture soooooo much. I like how we look like we're 12. Because I wish I had known these amazing chica's when I was 12 . . . but as it is, I'm so grateful for their friendship now.

I have gotten rather good at self portraits I must admit . . . and I rather like taking them ;) I just wish I had longer arms at times: )

Amanda and Sarah were kind enough to brave using my very large camera and take some pictures of me. Yay for their amazing photography skills!

Amanda Jean Morris - (guess what?) I loooove you :)

And one more of yours truly. You are probably never going to come back after this RIDICULOUSLY long post, but I promise not to do it again! Ooooorr, at least not for a long time. Or maybe at least not until my next trip ;)

All in all 34 days of straight traveling - soooo much fun. Thank you all my amazing friends for being so, well . . . amazing ;) I loooove y'all!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

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  1. I LOVE you and Krista in the cowgirl hats! Well, all the pictures are awesome, but those were probably my favorites.

  2. Love these - they're super fun.

  3. That is SO, incredibly, AwEsOmE that you got to do all that traveling!!! All the pictures are fantastic and they all show how much fun you had :) I think a trip to San Antonio should be be next on your traveling list!

  4. Waht an awesome adventure! Love that last pic ;)

  5. Great post, Jessica!!! Love all the fabulously-fun fotos :)

  6. looks like sooo much fun jessica! im sad that 40 inches of snow kept us from seeing each other while you were here visiting the east coast ... but you know i looooove you!

  7. Aww! I love long posts like this! :) Looks like you had a fab time with all your good friends. Yay for skiing, it's so much fun!! But I didn't know it snowed in CA...

  8. Did it publish that comment? I didn't think it did. Great - now I've got to re-type the whole thing!!

    Well, the gist of it was that I love long posts, and you look gorgeous, as usual!

    I have seen Elizabeth's blog before, but she must have moved recently! Oh, dear they are similar! I think the argyle pattern is exactly the same, only different colors. I google searched for argyle when I made my background, and found the one I used. I hope it wasn't done by the person who did her blog - it's very similar. Because if it was, it was probably copyrighted, which means that I violated a copyright!! That's not good! I can change it... I think I'll go take a look at who designed her blog and see if the pattern is exactly the same. If it is, I'll have to do something!

  9. Jessica, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE long posts! By the way, are we ever going to see those beautiful vintage photos you promised?

    Love ya!


  10. Great to see the pics!! i especially love the bowling alley and rodeo pics because i remeber all of those guys from competing and hanging out with then in highschool! memories! Krysta's still awesome obviously!! Love your pictures!

  11. Jess, you look AMAZING in your cowgirl hat! If I knew that you've been wanting to go to a rodeo for like a year, I would've taken you deary. There are tons of em around these parts of the woods. Maybe next time you come see us, we can go.

  12. This is going to be an amazingly long comment to top off your amazingly long post...
    My mother is going to be obsessed with your love for all things cowgirl - I swear her perfect life would be an old western.
    Anthropologie is such an awesome store, and I wish I were also a millionaire so I could spend 200+ on one shirt, because I would.
    And, one of my friends got her bridesmaid dresses from Anthro, best idea ever, I still wear the dress ALL the time.
    And finally, I am so jealous that you got to be vintage Barbie. truly I am.


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