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Monday, March 1, 2010

Last Sunday night was just a regular ol' Sunday night . . . went to church, came home, had some dinner, and helped Mom pick out what outfit she should wear when she meets Jay Leno, Sarah Palin, and Shaun White this Tuesday night. Ok yeah, so maybe that last one's not so normal ;)

I have said a couple things about these crazy happenings in my family on twitter and FB, and have gotten alot of questions about how it came about, so I decided it needed a blog post.

First of all, meet the man of the hour: Sam.

Old cars, classic cars, new cars, fast cars, cool cars, Sam REALLY loves cars. And he could seriously talk non-stop for hours about them, and never run out of things to say. He has checked out countless books from the library on cars and devoured them, and could probably tell you anything you want to know about any car worth knowing about made in the last 40 years :P

So last Summer Sam wrote a letter to Jay Leno telling him about his love for cars:

Dear Mr. Leno,

My name is Sam Garner and I am 11 years old. I'm a car fanatic. My favorite car is a Lamborghini Reventon. I have seen your new eco jet car and I was wondering how many mph it could go. I also like your Shelby Cobra 274. I collect car models. Right now I have 8. I have a Ferrari Zagato, 1957 Shelby Cobra 247 sc, Audi Rosemeyer, Lamborghini Mercielago lp640, Mini Cooper, Mercedes clk gtr, and a 1957 Chevy Corvet. My favorite motorcycle is a Yamaha rb. I like your Bugatti 5750.

Do you have a Lamborghini Estoqui?


{Rabbit trail: Sam saw a Lamborghini in the parking lot of Target one day, and while he was standing there drooling over it, the owner walked out and offered him a ride in it! Definitely a huge deal for him, to get to ride in his dream car! Sorry about the quality of the picture, but sometimes a cell phone picture is better than nothing!}

You can imagine our shock when a few weeks later we answer the phone and hear Jay Leno on the other end! Yeah - HE CALLED OUR HOUSE. He talked to Sam first, and then my mom about the possibility of Sam (and my parents of course) coming out to tour his garage and see all of his cars. Jay said that he loved meeting kids with a passion for something and since Sam shared his passion for cool exotic cars he would love to encourage him in that. Jay ended the conversation by giving my mom his personal assistants number and telling her to call whenever they had figured out a good time for us to come out there!

Obviously we were all a little star struck, and Sam was on cloud nine for a very long time after that conversation :) Fast forward 8 months, past several phone calls and emails back and forth with Jay's assistant, to last month when my parents finally decided that they are going to be able to go out there the first week of March. We got ANOTHER phone call from Jay saying "that he heard they were coming and he was excited to meet Sam, and would they like to come to the Tonight Show while they were there?" Um, HELLO, yes we will take tickets to the the Tonight Show!

For those of you who keep up with the happening's of Jay's life at all, you know that last fall he left the Tonight Show and started his own show, but at the begining of the year decided to go back to the Tonight Show. This week is his first week back on the show, and my brother and parents are going to be at it!!! And just when they thought the deal couldn't get any sweeter, they found out the guests on the show tonight are: Sarah Palin, and Shaun White!
Woot Woot!!
Sam isn't old enough to sit in the audience for some reason (not really sure why) so instead he will be sitting in the green room just chilling with Sarah and Shaun, and watching the show from there ;)

{pc: Ica}

So there's the story people. And I would highly encourage you to watch the show tonight, just on the off chance that a cute blonde hair blue eyed 12 year old boy gets called out on stage tonight. I know I will be watching . . . juuuust in case ;)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. sweeeet!! you can be sure I will be watching. I picked up the newspaper to see what time it will be airing :D

  2. you and your family are soon going to be famious and I then will be able to say that I know the sister of the movie star :) and I will feel so special LOL

  3. wow - SO cool! aside from the fact that i'm a much bigger conan o'brien fan and was a little upset that jay taking the tonight show back booted conan off the air....i think this sounds pretttty amazing! hope your brother & parents have an amazing time. you'll have to give us a follow-up post and tell us how it goes for them! :)

  4. This is so awesome! I'm so happy for you, Sam and the Family :D

  5. Can you get Sarah Palin's autograph for me please? HAHA! THAT IS SO COOL!

  6. hahaha! That is AWESOME!!!! Congrats to your little brother!!! Now, I'm off to go write some letters....hehe!

  7. That is so awesome! I can totally identify with Sam...haha.

  8. really cool story Jessica! why didn't you join the family on the trip?

  9. And its a yamaha r6. Not a yamaha rb.

  10. Cute story! I especially love that b&w picture at the end of the post:)


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