Friday, February 19, 2010

“A new year is unfolding – like a blossom with
petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.”

I love birthdays.

Like really really love them. I mean, what's not to love?





My favorite dinner.

Ever since I was little my birthday was cause for anticipation weeks, even months in advance. And just because I'm older don't think that has changed at all. People tell me that there will come a day when birthdays won't be cause for so much celebration, but I don't listen to them. I never want to be sad about a birthday. It's a celebration of LIFE! How could you ever be sad about that? Who cares if you are turning 4, or 16, 35, 0r 60? It's one more year of amazing life completed, and the hope of another year of adventures before you.

And so, because my birthday is this Sunday and I'm looking for any reason to celebrate anywhere and everywhere, why not have a party here on the blog!?! And what better way to celebrate than to host a contest with a prize? :)

So here's the deal-io. . .You get to guess (in the comments section of this post):

#1: How old I am turning.

#2: What my favorite state (that I have been to so far) is.

#3: What my favorite dessert is.

I have written about all 3 of those things, therefore the answers are all in past posts or maybe even on my twitter page. ;) So, my faithful blog readers here is your chance to shine!

Aaaaand, if you wanted a little extra credit, I would love to hear what your favorite shoot that I have done is. You can just put a link to the post, or describe it, whatever is easiest :) I'm going to make the comments private for the next few days so that only I can see them so that you all don't cheat off each other's answers :P The person that gets the most of the answers right, or is the closest to getting them all right, wins the prize!

The prize? Well, that too is a secret, but it will be good...I don't give lame-o party favors ;) So start commenting people, and I will let you know by Monday (possibly sooner) who the winner is and what all the right answers are.

Yeaaaah, I'm pretty sure I don't act my age. But hey, I think life's more fun that way ;)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. Happy birthday, Jessica!!!

    Okay here goes my guessing...

    1.) You're turning 21
    2.) Fave state is Colorado!?
    3.) and your fave dessert is chocolate covered strawberries. ;D

    And there you have it!! :D Hope you have a FABULOUS day!!

  2. Age: turning 21
    Favorite State: Colorado
    Favorite Dessert: I'm guessing Cupcakes :)

  3. 1. 22
    2. Colorado
    3. ice cream

    and my FAVORITE photo shoot you've ever done was the one you did of your sister Rachel in the field :D LOVE LOVE it :D

  4. You straightened you hair!! I straightened my hair too in January. :D I resorted back to my curly girl-ness the next day though. :)

    #1: You are turning 21
    #2: Your favorite state is Colorado. :)
    #3: chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes

    Favorite shoot? All of them. :P I especially love your shoot you did of Emma and the balloons and also Ben's senior photos. And the one of Neil and Jessica was puuuurty awesome. :D

    Happy Birthday Jessica!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jess! Turning 21? I hope your day is wonderful!

  6. Dear Jessica,

    One: Happy, Happy Birthday! Two: I do believe you are turning the lovely 21. Three: I am thinking you are oh-so-very-happy in Colorado. Four: Your favorite dessert is the scrumptious pumpkin pie. (At least, I remember you saying that you love pumpkins.) And lastly, as for the extra credit, my FAVORITE shoot you have done thus far has been the Mills Family Shoot. The setting and the castle-like structure for the background was so charming, the light was golden and streaming and the family so beautiful. Truly, my favorite.

    I do love contests- lovely idea. Happy Choosing!

    Ashley Hodgson

  7. 1. you're turning 21. Of course.
    2. Cali/Colorado?
    3. homemade chocolate chip cookies? cupcakes?

  8. #1 you are turning 21
    #2 Colorado is your favorite state
    #3 your fav dessert is cupcakes

    How did I do? ;)

  9. Hello Friend!! Can't wait to see more pics on the blog!!
    Okaaaay, my three guesses....

    1. You are just around the corner from Terrific Twenty-One
    2. Your new favoritest state is the Amazing Colorado
    3. Your favorite dessert is (are?) cupcakes :)
    (In the words of the lovely Miss K. Leigh "I support that!")

    My favorite shoot(s)? Neil & Jessica and Emma with Balloons :)

    How did I do?

    <3 Have a wonderful birthday!! <3


  10. This is my fav post.

  11. Hello! I have followed your blog for some time and love hearing about your happenings but most of all seeing you PHOTOS! You were actually one of the first people that I found and started following when I began my photography journey, so thank you! I have never really commented on too many things but I figured why not put everything I read into use :)

    How Old? You are going to be 21?

    Your Favorite State? Hmm Colorado? Still a place I need to see! But from everything i have heard and seen it looks gorgeous!

    Favorite Desert? This one I could not exactly remember so is it Chocolate covered strawberries?

    One of your favorite shoots was the "Bailey:Senior" shoot! I loved those pictures because they were unique yet so fresh and calming they were plain amazing!

    Happy "early" Birthday! I am excited to see what happens and how God uses you this next year!


  12. You're turning........ 21!! get tha party started!!
    You love Colorado
    Your favorite dessert is Chocolate covered strawberries.

    I stalk pretty well, huh?

    -- Josi

  13. Ok, here goes:)
    1. 21
    2. Colorado
    3. cupcakes
    And my favorite shoot you did would probably have to be Baileys seinor shoot back in sept.
    I can't wait to see what the prize is!


  14. Happy birthday!! Hope ya have a great day. Totally agree with you, girl, birthdays are TONS of fun!!!

    As for the questions, I have no clue about any of them... except I'm guessing you're turning 20? Don't get mad... it was just a guess!!! :D

  15. Hmmmm...
    1. 21
    2. California
    3. Tiramisu, Sacher Torte, or Cupcakes.

    P.S. I didn't know you where a blogger. Which puts me at a horrible disadvantage. However, I would like to only request only a slight handicap. By the way, Happy early Birthday Party...

  16. well, dear, here are the answers to the questions:

    1. you are turning 21. how do I know that? cause I'm smart. =) but no, your birthday is just a couple months after mine and so I'm just over a year older than you.

    2. hands down, I'm pretty much convinced that it is Colorado. if I'm wrong, that's terrible...but I'm pretty positive of that! otherwise it's the other 'C' one...

    3. oh goodness, how do I not remember this one? is it brownies, or ice cream, or maybe possibly cupcakes? otherwise I might fail this one! =(

    and lastly, my favorite shoot you did I think would have to be the Manney's family shoot back in December: So very creative, love the locations, the people, the!

    Have a happy day!

  17. Hmmm, let's see. :)

    You are turning 21.

    Your favorite state is California.

    And your favorite dessert is tiramisu.

    How well did I do? :)

    This was my favorite shoot, ever:
    Which you've prob already seen, but oh well! :)

  18. awesome! what day is your birthday? mine's the 24'th(of this month) =) i'll be 18.

    hmmm....either 20 or 21

  19. 1. 21? 2. Hmmm . . . Colorado? 3. Ok, Ummm . . . I'll just guess for this one. Cupcakes? HAHA, that's the only dessert I can remember that you've ever mentioned. I LOVE all of the shoots you've done, but I really like Emily B.'s senior pictures. =D

  20. okay... so first of all you are turning 21.
    secondly... your faviourite state is Colorado.
    thirdly... your faviourite dessart is chocolate covered starwberries on top of cupcakes :D

    my faviourite picture is of the family in denver wearing the bronco fan stuff. :D

  21. oh! and my favorite shoots are any Senior pics and the any ones of you and your friends....but all of your pics are really good =)

  22. 1. 21
    2. Colorado
    3. Chocolate chip cookies

    One of my favorite shoots:

  23. Could you announce the winners today??? Pretty please?

  24. Age: 21
    State: Colorado
    Desert: ......deep dish chocolate pudding cake. :)

  25. Happy Birthday to you
    I'm glad God made you
    May God's richest blessings now rest upon you!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday Jessica!

    This was such a fun idea to have a party on your blog. It has been so fun following you as you learn more about photography and life. =o)

    I just saw this post and thought perhaps it wasn't too late to join in and answer the questions.

    Here is my best shot:
    1.Today was your 21st birthday
    2.Pretty sure you are in love with Colorado. You might even marry it if it was a person... ;)[this tweet made me laugh so hard, it made it hard to forget]
    3. This one was a bit harder...I would have to say cupcakes. (yep pretty much a stab in the dark actually)

    4. As for a favorite shoot....hmmm. I LOVED the vintage shoot you did. It was full of your personality and style. Gorgeous lighting and super cute. Nicely done!

    May God bless you richly this next year! It is crazy how time flies. It doesn't seem like our Excel was 4 1/2 years ago. Goodness...

    Keep up the good work with the photography!
    Meagan Norris


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