Neil & Jessica

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Neil and Jessica . . . Jessica and Neil.
Of course, you know I was sold on them long before I ever actually met them, because Jessica has an awesome name . . . just sayin'.
Shooting with these two was like a dream come true. uhuh . . . you can start humming your favorite Disney love song, because these guys are truly living out the Happily Ever After part of the story.
Neil and Jessica have been married for 5 years now, and Jessica wanted to get back into her wedding dress (that 5 years and two kids later still fits. Somehow I have this feeling that won't be the case with me:) and have some pictures taken of her and her husband.
I was seriously amazed with Jessica. She is married, has two cutie pie kids, and is a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins. Talk about talented.
We did their pictures at two different locations and honestly as I was going through all of their pictures, I had no idea how I was going to pair them all down to few enough for just one blog post. So, I decided not to. After all, it's my blog, and I can make that sort of decision, right?
Our first location was a scenic over look, and with the light we were enjoying and all the lush green around us, I could have stayed there all day.
Our second location was at a Carnival. Yep, you read right c-a-r-n-i-v-a-l. He was in a suit, and she was sporting her wedding dress. Talk about lots of fun. But for now, you will get to see the first half of the pictures, but check back tomorrow for the rest of the amazing pictures!

mmmmm....lovely golden light. See what I mean folks?

They were so cute, laughing and acting all coy for the camera.

One of the favorites of the day.

Doesn't she look like a princess???

I la la la la love me some happy couple.

I want to still be this in love after 5 years of marriage.

Aaannnnd, we'll wrap thing up with my definite favorite of the day. This just screams the style and look that I am trying to capture in all of my photos.

And tomorrow will be the next installation of pictures: Jessica and Neil go to the fair.
Much love,
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  1. Ummm....too beautiful. Can you please make me look that pretty when you shoot my wedding Jess? ;)

  2. Wowowow! Great pictures, Jessica! I love all of them. ;)

  3. It's about time you blog these... hahaha! Juuuust Kidding! They were worth the wait. I can tell these were taken with the 5D.... crispness, so buttery. Looove it! I need to get that camera ASAP! Great job.

  4. " this is looove..." ;)

    Love them all Jessica!
    That light is simply delicious!

  5. Sigh .... I've been waiting for this love!! You're awesome!! Love you!!

  6. These pictures are fabulous! Wasn't it just wonderful to be able to intern with Kristen??!! (I am interning with her now.)

    Great, great job all the way!

  7. O MY GOODNESS! Jessica these are fabulous and amazing pictures!!! AwEsOmE job!

  8. Oh good heavens girl you are amazing! I lovvvvee these photos! I can't even choose a favorite cause I love each and every one so much. I really like your style of photography. :)

  9. W-O-W!!! Love the moments that you captured of us!!! You are truly truly talented and super cute too :) You are going to do fabulous with your business!!! Can't wait for pic session #2!!! woohoo!!!

  10. Oh my word, Jess...these and the carnival photos are my favorites you've taken!!!


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