Neil & Jessica: Part II

Thursday, August 6, 2009

If you haven't already read my first post about Jessica and Neil, click here to read it.

Well there's a full moon in the western sky,
And there's magic in the air.
Ain't nothin' I know of, can make you fall in love,
Like a night at the county fair.
-Country Fair

You can only imagine the stir we caused as we entered the little carnival, Jessica and Neil in wedding attire, with four photographers with big cameras following closely behind. Everyone was so enamored with watching them, it was so funny. People all around us were whispering "I think that's Taylor Swift . . . no, no it's not, I think they must be models or something..." And then we were stopped all along the way by well meaning people wanting to "give the happy couple their congratulations on getting married!"

As you can see from all of these pictures, Jessica and Neil were totally chill about it (making me wonder if they had a secret career in modeling) they were so comfortable with it all!

Aaaahhhhh...I loved the merry go round.

She is beautiful.

Then we had to take some time for dancing . . .

And here's the studly gentleman himself, who was so good to put up with hanging out with 5 girls all night long.

They even go to play some of the games. It was so cute, they were both so competitive and trying to beat each other, I'm not even sure who won in the end, but you can see they were talking some smack talk ;)

As you can see, it was way more than fun . . . it was fantabulous (that is a word that I have coined and copyrighted. I know it's awesome and you want to use it, but you will have to get written permission from me first, k?)

Thank you so much Jessica and Neil for going along with the some what different idea of pictures in a carnival, it was a total blast!

Much love,

Jessica Shae

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  1. AwEsOmE pictures Jessica! This carnival is an awesome place to take we can see :)
    Great job!!

  2. How FUN!! And beutiful!! Excellent job Jess!! :)

  3. They are totally a hot couple! They look so very fun! ;) Great pics, Jess.

  4. Totally cute!! I love them all. Great pics, all of them!

  5. wonderful!! can't get enough :)

  6. WOW! How pretty. I love them!!! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Look at Ica in #1...hahahahhaha. Love her!

    Great pictures Jessica. You rocked these ;)

  9. I totally wanna go to a fair for my wedding session now! Not that I am getting married anytime soon hehe. It made the perfect location, great job on the beautiful images! I love the set of them on the merry-go-round and the one below that of him kissing her forehead is C-U-T-E!!!!

  10. Hahahaahh!!! Julia!!! I always get in everyone's shots .. lol .. my bad!! I love you girls!! But seriously Jessica.. this is awesome!!

  11. Ooooo, jessica...these are goooOOOd.

  12. These are all so GORGEOUS! :) Love it.

  13. I really like the logo on your photos! I have never thought of going to a carnival for getting portraits taken (though I probably wouldn't if I did as I'm not very fond of clowns). ;)

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Emily Rose @ Simply Vintagegirl

    P.S. What a nice yellow in your background . . . it reminds me of mine!


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