Hope: Headshots

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You will remember Hope from the shoot I did with her fiance and her, a couple of weeks ago. Hope is just starting her photography business and just went live with her website and blog last week!

She had asked if while I was doing the engagement shoot I could also get some head shots of her for her business. I was more than happy to comply, and she was so fun to shoot, up for whatever I asked, and more than comfortable in front of the camera. It's always a little intimidating photographing another photog, but I was super happy with how they all turned out!

You can see for yourself below . . . This girl could model, right?

We found this awesome alley where there was all this soft light . . .loved it!

Love her sparkly eyes!

This was one of my favorites. The look on her face, the way she is standing looks like she has a future on the runway . . . and the beautiful buttery bokeh in the background.
Look at me, showing off my smarts with some alliteration :P

My family is headed out tomorrow for the a family vacation the first real trip we've taken together in a long time! We are headed out to Virginia, our final destination being Purcelville, VA where we will leave my lil' bro for his first year of college (scary!!!) but have several fun stops planned along the way.

I have been so busy with shoots and getting ready for the trip that I haven't been doing very good about blogging, and I don't know how much I will have access to the internet while traveling, so bear with me people! I have so much fun stuff lined up to show y'all, I've been doing some pretty fun shoots here lately!

I will try and post at least once or twice while gone, but for sure expect things to pick back up the week of the 24th!

Much love,
Jessica Shae
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