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Friday, August 14, 2009

1 small car, 1 suburban, 2 parents, 7 kids, one college students belongings, and luggage enough for everyone else, and more fun than you could ever imagine. . . yep, that would be us!
It has been soooo long since I have been on a road trip with my family, but so far I have been loving every minute! As I told you in my last post we are headed to Virgina to drop my younger brother off for his first year of college. I can't believe he is all "growed up" now...but more on that later.
We are taking it slow, stopping alot, and trying to make it a fun family vacation. So we spent last night in Tulsa with some dear friends, are in Missouri right now, headed to Indy tomorrow, and will make it all the way to Purcellville, VA by Monday night!
Here are a couple of shots of us kiddos on the trip so far....they were taken when we stopped for our lunch today.

The girls. . .

And the guys.

Speaking of traveling, one other thing I wanted to let you all know about, Isssss...that I am considering taking Jet Blue up on their offer of all you-can-travel for only $600 from September 8-October 8. I have several friends that I have been wanting to visit for some time now, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so! Something that would make the deal even sweeter is if any of you would like to book a shoot with me if I come to your area! The areas I am considering going to are:
Byron, GA
Sacramento, CA
San Fran, CA
Las Angeles, CA
Denver, CO
Chicago, IL
Washington DC
And if any of your cities aren't on the list but you are dying to have a shoot done and want me to come to your area let me know...maybe I could squeeze it in!?!
So let me know people, and as soon as possible if you can...I have to make a decision by the 21st of August. I would love to meet up with some of you lovely blog readers, and shoot some of your lovely faces, or maybe some of your friends and families faces! I will also be offering super deals on any of the shoots you book with me during my travels.
Much Love,
Jessica Shae
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  1. Ummm, excuse me. I just know you plan on visiting Pittsburg, Texas....this must be a typo that it is not on the list...

  2. I'd love to see you if you come to Denver!

    Sarah M

  3. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU'RE ENTIRE FAMILY JESSICA!!!! And it sounds like you're having so much fun. Don't tell me you ALL have blue eyes?? Oh man I'm excited. And hello ... look at you going on "tour" practically, you amazing me Jessica Shae!!

    And when you come here to DC you know we have to get together ... maybe some more Adams Morgan pizza time?? If you want I can set up a shoot, find couples in our area or local photographers & paint the town red?

    Lastly, LA???? OMG if you plan your traveling and manage to be in LA between Oct 1-6 I might be headed out there for a really sweet gig ... think "my super sweet 16!!" but for an 18 yr old. I'll tell you more about it when you get here k love!

    Travel safe and I'll keep praying for you. See you soon and i love you hun!

  4. OK darling, not only must you come and do a shoot for me, I am planning shoots for you with my nieces and nephews, which you know are the cutest children in the entire world :)

  5. I don't see London, UK on the list. Go on, I dare you!
    Sounds like a blast - hope you have an amazing time :-)


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