Hope & Caleb

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hope and Caleb met a little over two years ago, and their families quickly became good friends. Caleb's attention was pretty quickly drawn to Hope, and as they became better and better friends he decided that this was the kind of girl that he could marry.
He began planning family get togethers with Hope's family so that he could be around her more and maybe get an inkling as to whether or not this girl might be interested in him as well. In planning these get-togethers, games nights, etc., he would always check with Hope first to make sure that she was available on the proposed night and her response was always, "Oh, you should probably check with my mom or dad and see, don't plan it around my schedule!" And all the while Caleb is thinking "Well, that that's the whole point of this get together...You!" ;)
Caleb heads off to finish up college and all the while he keeps tabs on Hope through his family, which wasn't to hard, seeing as his little sister was one of Hope's best friends, pretty convenient, yes? By this time He knew that this was the girl he wanted to live his happily ever after with.
All the while, Hope was gaining more and more interest in this "friend of the family" and big brother to one of her best friends. But she had no inkling of his feelings for her and seeing that he was away at college, she wasn't thinking that anything would come of it anytime soon.
Obviously something did, because here they are a few months later, Engaged!!!
It was such a blast getting to shoot with them, they were such good sports, up for whatever I asked them to do. Thank you so much Hope and Caleb for letting me get to hang with you for an evening and shoot your engagement pictures. I loved it all!

Much Love,
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  1. Aww, Jess....what a sweet story!

    And the pictures? Breath-takingly fabulous, my friend!!!


  2. That is such a sweet story! Awesome job on the pictures!

  3. Love them!
    your second to the last one is SO Kristen! hehe. :-P
    (I'm a fellow intern.)

  4. Awesome! They're great shots!

  5. I love the wedding guide one...so cute and accurate of a bride!


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