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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A little while ago I was able to go and spend a week with my aunt, uncle, and cousins that live in the amazing city of San Fransisco, CA. I love Love that city, it totally ranks in my top 3 favorites, and as it was only my second time there, I had so much fun falling even more in love with it.
But even more than the city I love, Love, LOVE my awesome family that lives there, I hardly ever get to see them so I had a blast having a week of them all to myself ;)
I was there as a stand in Nanny for my two little cousins, while their normal nanny was out with a family emergency. I had so. much. fun. getting to explore the city with Bliss and Cal (age 6 and 3 respectively) take them to school, gymnastics, the beach, the aquarium, the park, we were all over the place!
While I took lots of pictures, most of them ended up being of Cal (short for Callahan) because I spent a lot more time with him since Bliss was at school a lot of the time. I wish I had more pictures to post of her adorable little face, but for now you will have to be satisfied with the studly looks and mischievous smile of Cal.

Told ya he could be a model. I wasn't kidding . . .

We went to the beach, threw rocks in the water . . .

. . . and sniffed the fresh salty air . . .

We went to this amAzing aquarium that was about 15 minutes walking distance away from them. Seriously, it was so awesome, I love it. And I managed to get some pretty cool pictures with all the cool lighting coming from the fish tanks.

I love this one so SO much. He was absolutely fascinated and completely absorbed with all the different fish.

We stopped at Starbucks on one of our excursions, because everyone knows that when exploring a city as amazing as San Fran, you must stop for refreshments every now and then ;)
While he was enjoying his blueberry muffin I managed to catch a couple of "signature Cal faces".
This is his "Squinty Pirate Face" and This, his "Big Cheesy Grin"

Here we have some adorable brother sister love going on. This is Bliss, who you will get to enjoy more pictures of sometime soon, but I just couldn't do a whole post without at least one picture of her. She is just so so adorb :)

I love both of these kiddo's so much! And I can't wait until the next time I see them!
Much love,
Jessica Shae
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  1. He's HEART-STOPPINGLY cute. Wow! Great shots, Jessica. :)

  2. You've def. got some cute models for cousins...or cousins for models. ;)

  3. WOW!! I think it's safe to say that I think that boy's pretty cute!!! =) LOVE the first picture.

  4. There are SO many great pictures in this post! I love the first one and the one where he has crumbs on his face :D Awesome job Jessica!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS ... I'M IN LOVE!!!!!! Jessica these are Adorb. You are amazing!!!

  6. He's a cutie! Love the ones by the fish tank!


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