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Monday, July 27, 2009

Abby and I first met when I was ten and she was nine, and quickly became the best of friends. We stayed close until two years later when my family moved to Colorado, and although we tried to keep up by phone and snail mail our friendship petered out after a little while. About a year ago I found her again on Facebook, and we had fun catching each other up on our lives.
I just recently moved back to where I spent most of my childhood years, and near to Abby! I let her know that I had moved back to the area, and we quickly set up a time to get together. It seemed after our first get together that we had gone right back to where we had left off so many years ago. We had both changed in some ways, but in so many others we were still the same!
I have had so much fun hanging out with her over the past weeks, and we have quickly become fast friends all over again. When the opportunity came up for me to do a shoot with her, I was all for it! I love shooting my friends, and I seem to have amazing luck, because they are all so beautiful.

Check her out...she can pull off the serious stare and winsome smile.

I loved how the scenery and light seemed to perfectly match her hair and outfit!

beee-yooo-tee-ful, beautiful!

Her laugh is the cutest thing . . .

Little Miss *Glam Girl*
Much love,
Jessica Shae
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  1. Love them! I also LoVe the new look of your blog!!
    It's awesome :) How did you do all that to it? Have an awesome day!

  2. OOH LA LA!! I KNEW IT!! I was searching Smug mug for yours, Julia's or Kristens pics from the internship week .. and lo and behold I found these. I didn't want to say anything till I knew for sure it was THEE JESSICA-amazing-SHEA ... so YAYYYY!! You my dear are just tooo amazing! I love you!

  3. Awesome pics! She's very pretty.

  4. She's a cutie!!! Very excellente' pictures, doll! ;)

  5. Very beautiful! Do good looks run in that family?

  6. She is stunning... I really like the composition in the first set! :)


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