Joe and Janette

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got anymore complimentary adjectives? Throw'em out here!
Think your favorite romantic movie then add in a little slap-stick humor, times it all by about 100, no, make that 1,000, and you might be coming close to an idea of how hilariously funny, adorable, and wonderful Joe and Janette are. But really and truly, it was one of those you had to be there to believe it times.

I am pretty sure I will be forever spoiled for doing engagement shoots with anyone else, after having done my first one with these two. We didn't have to do anything. Seriously. Kristen was running the shoot, and she would start to tell them what she wanted them to do, and they were already out there, dancing, cuddling, laughing, and making it look like being in love was the-absolute-most-wonderful-thing-that-could-ever-happen to a person. And if being in love gets results like they have, I'm all in! At one point in the shoot while they were changing clothes, Kristen said:
"See girls!?! True love really is all it's cracked up to be. People try to say that its not like the movies. . .don't get your hopes up. . .real life isn't that amazing. And they're right, it's not like the movies, it's even better if you do it right! And I'm willing to wait as long as needed if it means falling in love like that!"
AMEN sister! that golden light!

They did all sorts of cute dances for us. They slow danced, then we got a little jig, and a little bit of free-stylin' there are the end :)

I think they like each other...yep, pretty sure.

So, more about their Love Story specifically . . .
They met in college and became great friends, and after a little while Joe decided that maybe they should be something more than just "great friends". After broaching the subject with Janette, she quickly brushed the idea aside with the comment that she didn't want to ruin their already awesome friendship. Joe let it go at that, but I'm pretty sure he hadn't given up indefinitely on the idea.
After a couple of years of college and a continuation of their "great friendship", she moved to Florida and he to New York, where in the busyness of day to day life they quickly lost touch with each other.
**Sad moans all over the theater at this point in the Cinderella Story. People are thinking . . ."But they were so perfect for each other....they have to end up together!"**
Stay with me people, there is another chapter to this fairytale . . .

Fast forward a couple of years.
Joe finds Janette on Facebook (three cheers for social networking!!!) and they start corresponding via chat and messaging. The next thing you know, Joe is moving to Florida to be near the girl that he wasn't going to let get away a second time.
aaaaaaahhh! How totally adorably cute is that??? Nine years, from the time they met, to now, when they are getting married.
Love is p.a.t.i.e.n.t. ;)

She loooooves him.

And I think he pretty much adores her...

Aaahhh! I was so so SO in love with this light. Almost as much as I was in love with them.

They laughed pretty much the whole time. With each other, at each other . . . they were just happy to be
together. this is love, so this is loooooooove...

Aaaaand, quite possibly my favorite picture...kissing, on the swings.

Thank you Joe and Janette for being so amazing, and showing us all how wonderful True Love is!
And they lived happily ever after . . .
Jessica Shae
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  1. WOW.
    I'm floored. I adore your blog. Your hair. Your STYLE of shooting. The flash at the top. Those engagement pics are BRILLIANT. Big fan here. :D
    Keep it up, Jessica!

  2. The swing one is so great!! Good Job Jessica :)

  3. Great job girl! These ARE awesome engagment photos!! <3 them!

    BTW, your new blog look is so YOU! I like it muchly. :)

  4. these are soo amazing and gorgeous! wonderful job!

  5. I LOVE the swing pic! Very awesome! :) And all the others are WONDERFUL!!! :)


  6. i love your new banner! it's so perfect!

  7. these are beautiful! i love how you capture their passion for eachother!

  8. awww!!! They make such a cute couple! BTW My name is Deborah and I found your blog through Paige's blog. I'm 17 and I also like photography, but I most like photograph nature.(my camera isn't that great anyway) Stop by my blog anytime, and I love to get comments!

  9. These are precious, Jessica! Are you using any flashes or reflectors? Do you shoot on manual? :) Have a very happy day, girl!

  10. thank you all SO much girls! I really appreciate the encouragement. You have no idea how much it brightens my day to read all the comments you leave.

    Princess4Him86: I was not/do not use flashes or reflectors right now. I don't have any flashes, and while I do have reflectors, I don't usually have anyone to hold them for me on the shoots ;) I just try and work with what light I have!

  11. Swing picture is a fav! Too cute!


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