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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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During the booking process when Annie was describing to me what they wanted their wedding day to feel like, and what style they were going for, she told me "We really want the whole thing to be fun and full of celebration.  We want people to remember from our wedding that they experienced and felt the goodness and sweetness of Jesus there...not necessarily that our table settings were awesome."  

I can't tell you how much I love it when my couples really get what their wedding ought to be all about, (representing Christ and His love for the church!) and make that their ultimate goal, more so than putting together that "pinterest-worthy" "publishable" wedding, with a thousand perfect details.  (Don't get me wrong, beautiful details are great!  I love them!  But...)  It makes my job more enjoyable and so much more of an honor when I know I'm documenting such Christ exalting moments.  Jacob and Annie's day was exactly what they were hoping for it to be, full of sweetness, joy, and praise to our good God for bringing them together.

An added element of love for this wedding for me was the fact that for the second time I was getting to shoot at the same wedding venue I got married at last year!  And you'll probably recognize a few faces from this post, because the last wedding I shot here was Annie's sisters wedding (yes, two daughters were married within two months of each other!) and I've loved all the time I've gotten to spend with this sweet family this spring.

Congratulations Jacob & Annie, thank you for including me in such a beautiful Christ honoring day!
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Thanks to Allix for second shooting this with me (some of her pictures are in this post!) and Jenine for assisting, as always, I couldn't do it without my awesome "team"! :)

Much Love,
Jessica Shae
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    Love these, Jessica. You aptly captured sweetness and romance in these.

  2. Great job, Jessica. You captured each aspect wonderfully. :)

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  4. Such a beautiful wedding!! I love the ceremony images, they were so precious! I love the gentleness that is expressed by how Jacob treats Annie! They seem like such a precious couple. Beautiful images Jessica and Allix!!

  5. This is such a beautiful wedding! Everything is simple, yet so elegant... Gorgeous shots of such a special day.

  6. Loving the mis-matched outfits!

    Gorgeous!Christ definitely shined through!

  7. wonderful wonderful. so much joy.

  8. Oh this are just jaw dropping, Jessica! I absolutely love this wedding and honestly the weddings you've been putting out for the last 2 years have seriously been that way. It feels like Christmas morning every time you've posted a new wedding. <3 Keep being awesome and inspiring and all that. ;)


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