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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Caysi was one of the winners of the share the love giveaway I hosted earlier this year and won a free bridal session.  She got married last weekend so I fiiiiinally get to post some of my favorites :)  I loved her dress, it was so dainty and unique, everything a wedding dress should be!  She found it at The Blushing Bride, (where I got my dress!) it's funny how many brides I've had this year who have found their dress there, I really can't say how much I adore that place!

Congratulations on marrying your favorite person sweet Caysi, so happy for the two of you and glad I was able to document a small part of this thrilling time of life!
 photo 002.jpg  photo 003.jpg  photo 004.jpg  photo 005.jpg  photo 006.jpg  photo 007.jpg  photo 008.jpg  photo 09.jpg  photo 010.jpg  photo 011.jpg  photo 012.jpg  photo 013.jpg  photo 014.jpg  photo 015.jpg  photo 016.jpg  photo 017.jpg
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Jessica. Love the unique way you photographed her.

  2. love these. the lighting is killer.

  3. BEE UTI FUL. ((and those shoes.. love.))

  4. What a gorgeous unique dress...lovely photographs as always Jessica :)

  5. Jessssica. You take my breath away.


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