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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"I wonder if ever
I will be a bride
With a white lace gown
Standing in front of everyone
Looking beautiful
Because someone
Loves me
That much."

Kate was one of the most stunning brides I've ever seen.  When I took her out for some bridal pictures I had to restrain myself from spending far too long on them.  But I still ended up with more than usual.  Her grace, wistful smile, and dramatic princess-like hair crowned with a wreath of my favorite flowers, warranted a blog post all of their own.  And so they get one.

Tomorrow, her wedding!
 photo 001.jpg  photo 002.jpg  photo 003.jpg  photo 004.jpg  photo 005.jpg  photo 006.jpg  photo 007.jpg  photo 008.jpg  photo 009.jpg  photo 010.jpg  photo 011.jpg  photo 012.jpg

Much Love,
Jessica Shae

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  1. lovely lovely lovely, as always.
    these are so beautiful.

  2. Oh goodness..she is stunning. Can't wait to see the whole wedding! Love how you captured her.

  3. oh, these are so whimsical and lovely. she is absolutely gorgeous.
    i love her red hair, and... just everything. she looks like a princess. :)
    can't wait to see the wedding! ;)

  4. so so beautiful. i love her hair and bouquet so much! :)

  5. theeese are gorgeous. amazing job. she's beautiful!

  6. Such a beautiful bride captured with stunning photography at a dreamy location. :) And I'm loving this creamy lighting...so beautiful!! Oh, Jessica, I am so inspired by your gorgeous photography work. <3 Blessings!!

  7. Oh, wow. Gorgeous! (To quote everyone else.) I can't wait to see more!

  8. gorgeous! she is beautiful. :)

  9. oh, jess, these are as lovely as it gets. she reminds me of a modern Anne of Green Gables. :)

  10. She looks beautiful!! Jessica, you are gifted with a wonderful gift! I enjoy looking at your photos!

  11. She is beautiful, wonderful pictures Jessica!

  12. Oh my gosh, I'd love my wedding dress to be just like that!!
    BEAUTIFUL photos, Jess :)

  13. I love these! So dreamy and romantic. <3


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