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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jon & Marlena's beautiful wedding day was probably the most relaxed, laid back wedding I've ever shot.  The ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous Lake Tyler Petroleum Club with an amazing view of the lake.  They chose to do a first look (see each other before the wedding) so hiding from each other all afternoon wasn't an issue.  They both got to the venue early with family, worked on a few last minute decorations, then Jon set up his band equipment (yes he's in a band, and they played at the reception--more on that later) while Marlena slipped into her dress upstairs and put the finishing touches on her hair and make-up. 

They both grew up in the state of Texas but it took Facebook for their paths to cross, Marlena had been going to school in Boston but was back home finishing up, and he was stationed in Florida with the Navy.  Fast forward a few years and Jon's moved there to be near her, and finally. . .they're getting married :) Their wedding day followed the same pattern that the rest of their relationship had followed, a little bit unconventional, totally laid back, but completely them in a fun and simple sort of way.  They were getting married with their closest friends and family around them and it was a sweet celebration of two very in love people committing the rest of their lives to each other.

They wrapped up their beautiful day as Jon played a song he had dedicated to Marlena, and she sat there looking like a princess, smiling and blushing over it all.

It was a sweet sweet day.  Jon and Marlena, thank you so much for allowing me the honor of documenting the beginning of your new life together.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from your day!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. b e a u t i f u l.

    and why is it so sunnyandhotandwarmandlovely over there? it's faareezing over here in england! xx

  2. I love these - the bride is so petite and beautiful! :)


  3. reminded me of all the fun we had that day :) :) OH! and that Mexican food that was da bomb! :D thanks again for letting us do was an awfully big adventure :D


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