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Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's 66 degrees outside.  My window is pushed open as wide as it will go and I'm sitting cross legged on my bedroom floor with my toes tucked up under me to stay warm.  I'm listening to the sound of my jon schmidt pandora station mingled with the sound of the lawnmower and enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass + my pumpkin spice candle.

I absolutely adore the changing of the seasons.  I was told the other day that you can't call it fall in texas, since the leaves don't actually turn colors and fall, they all just die--apparently autumn is the correct term.  And the slow quiet slip from summer into autumn is my favorite.  Not because I love autumn so much that I can't wait to see summer go...anyone who knows me at all knows that's not true.  But summer obsession aside, autumn is definitely my second favorite time of the year, and I'm happy to see that it's here.

This summer has been particularly sweet.  Not in a my-life-is-perfect sort of way.  But in a my-God-is-gracious kind of way.  These past few months have been the richest, happiest months of my life. This summer has been an adventure, it's been full of new experiences, of stretching scary moments--it's been full of growing up.  Something that has been a little bittersweet, but that I'm mostly ok with :)  I know, I'm 22 years old, surely I've gotten used to the idea of being grown up by now?  But quite honestly, I haven't.  There's a large part of me that still likes to pretend amidst running my own business, traveling all over, and paying bills, that I'm still just a kid.  I do cartwheels in the street sometimes, I shop in the little girls section, (the clothes are so much cheaper!) and I wear ribbons in my hair.

But despite the ribbons and cartwheels, a lot of growing up has happened this summer.  I've made some big decisions.  I've worked on being authentic (being the original person that I was made to be with a unique design and purpose given by the one true Author) and through that I've been stretched thin, scared, and been able to see God's power shine through my weaknesses.  I've seen some friendships come to an end, and new ones begin.  I've been blessed with the greatest (no really, the absolute best of the best) boy in the whole world as my best friend + boy friend, and been grateful a thousand times over for my family and their love.

I've heard it said that Grace is: getting something you don't deserve.  And this summer my full of grace God has given blessing upon blessing...I can't wait to see what this next season will hold.

Happy Autumn!

Much Love,
Jessica Shae

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  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love the way you edit your photos. :) Gorgeous.

  2. I'm very jealous of your weather. I live in Texas too but it's still probably 90 degrees here. I want it to be fall, wait... sorry Autumn so bad!! ;) I can't wait for the day to come when it gets cool! Tomorrow is the first actual day of Autumn but it won't get cool here for awhile.
    As usual your pictures are beautiful. You are a great photographer!! :)

  3. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart + lovely photos! So excited for you! :)

  4. Beautiful post, and yay for fall weather!

    Have a great day!

  5. I loved everything about this post :)

    happy fall to you :)

  6. Lovely post, Jessica! So much beautiful sunlight. The Lord truly has blessed us with so many special blessings. =)

    Love in Christ,

  7. this is all so beautiful. thanks for sharing your heart and what's been going on in your life this past summer. autumn is my favorite season too, and I cannot wait to see what it holds for me, too. mainly excited because on Wednesday God wrote the last few pages of an imperfectly, painfully beautiful chapter in my life, and I can't wait to see what's next! it will be good.

  8. What an exciting time to be thankful for! :)


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