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Friday, July 22, 2011

When I asked Wes and Brittney if it had been "love at first sight" for the two of them, Brittney rolled her eyes and Wes laughed...
"We were at a summer camp at college for a week and I was playing hockey with a group of people and Brittney was the only girl out there.  So I walked over to where she was standing with a group of guys and told them to be careful around her so she didn't get hurt."
Aaaaand Brittney was ticked.  "I was just trying to be a gentleman!" Wes protested.  But Brittney thought he was rude and chauvenistic ;)

Wes was convinced she hated him... "One of the first times  we really talked that week she told me that I was a horrible communicator . . . and I'm majoring in communications."

Haha...Don't you just love stories that start out like that?!

And the great thing is, Brittney definitely doesn't hate him anymore, and I got to take pictures of their mutual "like" for each other last week!  They were seriously one of the laughingest couples I have ever shot...and they kept me laughing almost the whole time with their hilarious faces, comments, and tough love ;)

p.s. for those of you who have been showering the two of them with congrats ever since I posted their sneak peek last week, let me clarify.  They are NOT engaged (yet--Wes was quick to add) they just really really like each other, and that's a fabulous excuse for pictures in my book ;)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

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  1. They are sooooo cute. Def a good excuse for pictures. ;)

  2. These are gorgeous! Love the third to last ones where they are cracking up. :)

  3. Love the colors! So much beautiful sunflare. Love the ones by the blue wall, too. Blessings!!

    With Joy in Christ Jesus,

  4. LOVE THEM!!!! They are great!!! So adorable!!

    In Christ

  5. They are adorable! Wow, such a sweet couple:)

  6. Oh my goodness. They're sooo adorable and she's gorgeous! I hope when I find a guy that I 'like' so much that we'll take pictures like this. They're really like one of the cutest couples I've ever seen.

  7. Aw...love their story. Plus they are very sweet together. :)

  8. OOOOOOH MY GOSH Jes I LOVE these... they are super adorable and they both have such amazing smiles. Iiiii want a "like" session, too. Seriously, if I *ever* get a BF.... you're on the top of my list.


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