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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Just whistle while you work
Put on that grin and start right in to whistle long and loud
So hum a merry tune
Just do your best and take a rest and hum a merry song."
| whistle while you work - snow white |

I feel like I will forever be behind on the learning curve of music. Brooke Fraser's been cool for. . .how many years now? And I just fell in love with her wonderful music about a month ago. But no matter how late I am to the party, finding new music I like is always a happy little surprise. I love Pandora for that very reason, I'm constantly being introduced to new artists or songs in my favorite genres while listening to my Pandora radio stations :) I have different kinds of music for different parts of the day or my different moods :) I have "early morning I just woke up music" "blog writing" music, "midday pick me up party" music, and "time for bed" music. I loooove country music, acoustic guitar, piano, folk, indie, and a lot of stuff in between ;)

So this is where you come in. I need some new music to inspire me as I work like crazy over the next few weeks trying to get my blog/website finished, and I want to hear from YOU as to what music you're enjoying these days. So part 2 of the contest is you posting a link to the youtube video in the comments or just tell me the title of your current favorite tunes ;) Aaaaand, whoever posts the song that becomes my new favorite wins an itunes gift card!

And I thought I'd share a few of my current fav's that I've been enjoying the past few weeks :)

One of my last interns introduced me to Jillian Edwards and I absolutely adore all her music.
She doesn't have much on youtube, but you can find a lot of her music on itunes.

Mk...I haven't bought this song yet, just so I can still get really excited every time it comes on the radio.
Def my fav country song right now.

Andrew Peterson is another new find of mine, and I really had a hard time decided which one of his songs to post, he has so many good ones, but this is the one that I listen to at least once a day...sometimes more like 3-4 times a day ;)

This one just makes me smile :)

So go for it my friends. I need a few new happy working songs to add to my repertoire, can't wait to hear what you've got! ;) And if you want to get in on the beginning of the contest go here to check out my last blog post!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. This one combines faith with good ole country music and never ever gets old!

    "Never Alone" with Jim Brickman and Lady Antebellum!

  2. I'm Already There - Lonestar (not particularly my favorite but it seems like one you'd like... ha)

    Blessings - Laura Story

    Bad Day - Daniel Powter

    Spare an Angel - Chris Rice

    Going Home - John Frizzel (part of the Gods and Generals soundtrack... amazing)

  3. Laura Story. She is my absolute favorite Christian musician.

    I love her stuff, but these are my two favorites...

  4. I Love Franchesca Batestelli and her newest cd is just as good as her first cd and this song I listen to at least once every day

    This song is on her new cd and is now our official first dance song at our wedding!

    Chris August has become my favorite new christian artist and here is the first song I heard from him, its just too cute!

  5. Third Day! Their new song, Children of God, is amazing. The music video is the best I've ever seen, too. ;)

  6. This is one of my favorite songs :D. It's happy, cute, fun, I never get tired of it :D.

  7. I don't use iTunes, but I lovvvve recommending music.

    Awake My Soul (Mumford & Sons) -

    Butterfly Nets (Bishop Allen) -

    Cello Song (Nick Drake) -

  8. Dog Days are Over by Florence + the Machines (just don't watch the video on youtube...slightly creepy and ruins your opinion of the song ;)) took me a couple listens for me to like this song, but I'm obsessed now.

    The Civil Wars are *amazing*. Seriously amazing. My favorite is My Father's Father ( and 20 Years (

    Annnd, last but not least, I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers( is another favorite...but all their songs are amazing.

  9. You should check out Jamie Cullum. His voice is better than Michael Buble! Not to mention he's a killer pianist and performer.
    You're going to love him.

    These are the Days -

    Everlasting Love

    Singing in the Rain

    All at Sea

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  11. Oops... sorry. Those links didn't show up!! Let me try again... Hmmm... what did I have first?

    Oh, yeah....

    Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore - Glee - (never watched Glee... probably never will. But the choir I play piano for sang this one at a competition and I like it a lot!)

    What Country Is - Luke Bryan - (this is definitely one of my fav country songs!)

    Hopelessly Devoted to You - Olivia Newton-John... (She has an amazzzing voice... but the video quality is pretty bad. =)

  12. Some of my all time favorites are:

    "I Saw the Light" by The David Crowder Band. :) I love this video. You should watch it. ->

    "Catch Me if You Can" by Stars Go Dim. (You can download their whole album for FREE on their website!) ->

    "Saviour" by Lights ->

    Oh, and if you like sacred instrumentals mixed with some good old-fashioned fiddling, you should check out David Klinkenberg. He's the best! Here's his version of "Jesus Loves Me." ->

    That's all...Enjoy! :)

  13. Ms. Shae, I just discovered/fell in love with Brooke Fraser too.. so, youre not alone in being a little behind-the-ball. :)

    My latest favorite artist is Monk & Neagle :)

  14. Chris August's "7x70"

    Carrie Underwood's "There's a Place for Us"

    Kari Jobe..."Healer" and "You Are For Me" are my favorites.

    Celtic Women: "Prayer"

    These are just a few of the many genres i like to listen to. Enjoy!

  15. Well, my favorite 'working song' artist of today, of course! Brendan James:

  16. goes (me and my different flavas of music ;D )
    Christian & Love songs: Jimmy Needham rules in both these categories! Check out this-
    and this of his-
    Then for jazzy THIS song is to.die.for!!-
    Have you ever heard of Pomplamoose?? (Thats grapefruit in French btw) If not...get ready to be HOOKED!
    Man...thats what I got for you...for now ;D

  17. Oh my goodness! I love all kinds of music! Here are some of my top songs lately and some are old favorites that always make me smile!

    Seabird - Falling For You

    OneRepublic - Marchin On

    Alexander Rybak - Europe's Skies

    Everyday Sunday - Tell Me You'll Be There

    Brandon Heath - Your Love

    Jason Gray - I Am New

    Tommy Walker - I Have A Hope

    Celtic Thunder - Steal Away

    Hope you enjoy. ^_^

  18. This isn't a Christian song, but it's kinda fun:

    Fireflies by Owl City:

    And now for a few Christian songs:

    I Refuse by Josh Wilson:

    Live Out Loud by Steven Curtis Chapman: (This one is great!)

    Your Love by Brandon Heath:

  19. Oooh. Fuun.

    Laura Story - Blessings
    Gungor - Beautiful Things
    Hillsong United - Search My Heart

    -these are my favvs right now.

  20. Oh... one more song. This is one I have been listening to alot lately--I know it's very old, but it's just so beautiful.

    Somewhere from West Side Story:

  21. I love the song "You going to kiss me or not"!

    One song that always gets me going is- 'Defy Gravity' from wicked. The whole broadway show is amazing, but the words in this are so freeing.

    'She thinks she needs me' by Andy Griggs

    I LOVE vacuuming to 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias. Dont ask why :p

    'That girl is a cowboy' by Garth Brooks. This song I love...It's country so what do you expect! haha

    And last..'what Faith can do" by kutless

    Hope you enjoy! :)

    PS. Have you every heard 'Me and you' by kenny chesney. it's a good one too ;)

  22. Jenny and Tyler- Faint Not (i'm pretty sure i listen to this one at least once a day)

    Elenowen- The Storm (the youtube video is just a live recording on a horrible camera so it doesn't do it justice)

    Out of Hiding- Overcome (this doesn't really fit the styles you suggested, but they're my friends and i take any chance i can get to share their music)

  23. Oh do I love sharing music :-). People have already commented with some of my faves... but no one has put my absolute favorite "work/happy" music yet.....

    I have to post two :)
    "Technicolor" by Tim Myers:
    "You Stole My Heart" by Little and Ashley:

    Oh oh, and you said you like Indie, so maybe you will like my new find:
    "White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes:

    Hope you like!!
    btw, Andrew Peterson is pretty much my favorite Christian artist, his "Dancing in the Minefields" is genius.

  24. Ahhh... Had to include one more. And yes, I think this will be my last comment. :)

    This is an old country song, but I think it is a really sweet one.

    Coat of Many Colors sung by Dolly Parton:

  25. This is too cool! We have basically the same name and we're both photographers, only my name is spelled Jessica Shea. Keep up the great work, and if you get a chance I'd love for you to check out some of mine at

    Have a great weekend!

  26. these are nice, Have you heard of Christy Knockles?

    Love her heart and voice.

  27. forgot to say that Smile by Uncle Kracker is my fav country :D

  28. Dont let go by rascal flatts is def one of my [many] favs right now!! :)

  29. i also looooove this one! :)

  30. Definitely Gabe Bondoc on youtube!
    here is one of my faves --a Gabe original! :)

  31. Can you believe I don't really ever go on youtube? Ha...I know, kinda lame. But a few of my favorite songs lately are:

    100 Years to Live & Superman (by FiveforFighting)
    Bad Day (Daniel Powter)
    Hey Mambo Mambo Italiano (Dean Martin)
    Jim's Theme (from Treasure Planet -- ha! But I love it)
    Secrets by One Republic
    Revelation Song (Phillips, Craig and Dean)

    So yeah...I kinda cheated because I don't really have any youtube favorites, but at least here's some of my favorite songs. ;)

  32. Well, I've always liked 'em all, but those are just a few I've been listening to lately. ;)

  33. Well I FINALLY got a Google account I finally get to tell you! My sister and I have been stalking your blog for a few months and we love, love, LOVE your photography and would SERIOUSLY love for you to shoot our weddings (whenever that happens!). :-) So glad you travel! We're not far, though! Still in the sunny South. :-)

    Music recommendations! Wow, too many! I like a lot of the stuff that's already been mentioned. Contemporary Christian, country, that sort of thing...a lot of film score music is so gorgeous! And so is classical, nothing like Bach or Mozart to help you think. Or Handel, like the spring portion of the Messiah (it's Scripture set to music! and absolutely glorious!!).

    Well I would LOVE to do an internship but we'll see if that ever happens. I love my new Canon T1i. :-)

    Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous pictures here and on your Authentic blog (we love it). :-)

    With love from a sister in Christ,

  34. The Show - Lenka: (I adore this song)
    Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg:

  35. Have you heard any of Vienna Teng's music? Some of it is really pretty, and some of it is so-so as far as lyrics go.

    I also have recently been listening to "Better Than a Hallelujah" by Amy Grant and "Blessings" by Laura Story

  36. OMG!!! I forgot to tell you about Marry Me by Train!! IT IS SOOOO SWEET!!!

  37. All on my list of favorites as well, what a coincidence! have good taste! :)

  38. I just found your blog, and I think it's awesome! "Tonight," "The Very Thought of You," and "Boat Song" - all by JJ Heller - are my favorites. <3


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