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Monday, March 14, 2011

When I was little I told my parents that sometimes I woke up with flip-flops in my stomach, and it meant that something exciting was going to happen that day. Usually it was something I already knew about so I woke up expecting the happiness that was coming that day. But sometimes I would wake up with "flip-flops" in my tummy when nothing exciting was planned. . .and announce to mom that "something exciting is going to happen today!" And I firmly believed that my stomach knew something that I didn't. . .and waited expectantly all day for the "exciting" thing to come along.

Confession: I still wake up with "flip-flops" in my tummy.
But this morning I knew what they were about, internship week #2 starts today! It was a mixture of excitement and "Oh My Lands, I hope I can think of something to teach them this week!!" Haha, I kid I kid. . .kinda ;) I definitely have things to teach them, I just hope I can make it come out in co-herent thoughts ;) Hannah flew in from Washington State last night, and Jayne drove in this morning from College Station, TX. . .time to get the party started!

I bought some flowers to brighten up the Jessica Shae office/brainstorming room.

We started off with yum food. so SO important ;)

My desk is on it's best behavior...

We'll be having story time with Jessica later on ;)

It's supposed to be in the upper 70's/mid 80's all week. WElCOME SUMMER!
(yeah, forget spring, we're just jumping right into summer;)

Starting things off with a little Brooke Fraser, she's my new find, (I know, so behind the times;) and her song "Love is Waiting" SO BRILLIANT.

Oh, hot pink socks with rolled up skinny jeans...to impress my interns with my awesome fashion style ;)

Me, and my flip-flopping tummy.

Ohhhhh, it's going to be a funnnn week!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. EEK! So excited for y'all! Wish I could be there, but hopefully someday. You are so prepared, girl! They are gonna love you! (oh wait, pretty sure we all already do! :))

  2. Ahh! That's so exciting! All your photos are so lovely...it's a natural talent of yours and talents come naturally to teach; you'll do great.

  3. Oops, I mean, I'm sure they LOVE ya. :)

  4. You'll have a blast! Looks like the start of an awesome week!

  5. I hope it goes amazingly well =)

  6. ooohhhh... are we going to have fun, girl!?! We already are!! I'm totally loving it!! =)

  7. Ahh!! So fun. Wish I could be there!

  8. I'm sure you will have a blast! Be sure to post lots of pictures of your time together! What fun!



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