Josh & Kate: married {chicago, IL- wedding photographer}

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I know I say this alot, but I love it when my clients become friends. And it probably sounds like a really cheesy/cliche thing to say, but I'm so serious. I've heard it said that you can decide to run your photography business like a Walmart, or a personally owned boutique. Walmarts' are efficient, huge, anyone from any walk of life can go there, and can find pretty much any product they could ever possibly want in that store. Boutiques on the other hand, are smaller, have a more focused clientele group they are targeting, and generally have alot more personal touches added to the store, and all of their products.

My goal is to run my business like the small boutique. I may not be the most efficiently run business on the block, but I LOVE {you} my clients, and I promise you that we will have so much fun getting to know each other so that I can really capture you, and all your hopes dreams and love on your wedding day.

I love my bride that txted me the minute she got back from her honeymoon just to say hi and see how I was doing and told me not to tell anyone that she had txt me because I was the first person she had contacted since she got back ;) I love my two brides that just in the last 3 weeks told me they were pregnant(!!!). I love my couples who have invited me over for dinner, asked me to come visit them, invited me on trip to puerto rico with them - I'm really not lying when I say I have the best and sweetest of clients. And while I love getting to document their love for each other, even more than that, I love getting to build relationships with amazing people that otherwise I probably would never have known.

This wonderful couple was no different.
I felt like one of the wedding party from the time I got there. I was invited to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, got to hang out with them and all their totally amazing friends all Friday night, and then went back to Kate's house with all her bridesmaids for some girl fun ;)

I woke up Saturday morning to the sounds and smell of Kate's parents cooking an amaaaazing breakfast for all 20+ of their house guests that morning. And from that moment on there was just this quiet happy hum all around me. People eating breakfast, getting ready, doing hair and make-up, laughing, and talking about how excited they were about Kate and Josh's wedding day.

And beautiful Kate, so calm, so smiley, and so happy, helping everyone, making sure everyone had what they needed, asking me if I had gotten something to eat yet, was an absolute doll the whole day.

Kate - you are absolutely stunning. No lie.

The day was chilly, VERY windy, and overcast, and I have to say that everyone in the wedding party were total troopers and rocked everything I asked them to do with great attitudes!

I just looooved all their shoes, and how they were all a variation on the same style of shoe.

Ohhh yeah Josh, you can totally rock the serious look.

Hello new favorite groomsmen shot!

And just like the rest of their day, the church they got married in was beautiful!

haha, I love that I caught this moment. It was close the the end of the ceremony and I guess this little guy decided that he was getting a little tired of standing . . . so I look over there during the prayer, and this is what I see ;)

Do they not have one of the best looking wedding party's you've ever seen!?

My awesome second shooter Evy told me when she got to the church that morning that she'd passed an old couch sitting on the side of the road with a free sign on it a few miles away. We very quickly decided that it'd make for an aweeesome prop.

The two beautiful sisters . . . who married two handsome twins ;)
(And if you didn't read the adorable story about this in their engagement post, you must do that now ;)

Isn't it just the cutest thing?!

Josh and Kate - you are just so so cute.
I like you both alot ;)

And my favorite.

Thank you again and again Josh and Kate for your sweet hospitality and friendship. It was an honor to be there for your beautiful day!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. Seriously?
    This is one of my favorite weddings I've ever seen. Ever. Period. She's gorgeous. He's handsome. Their friends are even good looking!!!!

  2. Great pictures! I'm friends with their family, and it was a beautiful wedding! I was talking to Evy, and I got to meet you for a brief second! I really love your photography journey, it inspires me and i get excited when i think what might be in my photography future! Have a blessed day! :)

  3. Wow! You truly blow me away! I love all of your photos. I'm so glad I started reading your blog a couple months ago. I want to bo just like you someday! :-)

  4. What beautiful photography, Jessica Shae! Your photographs always inspire me! And what a lovely wedding!


  5. AWESOME shots, girl!!! =) You are totally rocking this whole wedding photography thing. I want to run my business like a boutique, too!!! Great idea. =)

  6. Awww, how sweet! What beautiful pictures! Very creative and I love that you found the couch that morning!

  7. Wonderful pictures Jessica!! Stunning bride, lovely wedding party, and a sense of a couple's new happy life together beginning :)

  8. AWESOME Pics of a beautiful couple! The couch was so cool, I just knew it was planned, like the truck in Katie and Elvis's wedding pics, and the ice cream truck. FUN!!!!


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