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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hiiiiiii friends!!!

I feel kind of silly saying hi to a big computer screen, but I hope that there's at least a few people that are saying hi back!?

I had a perfectly delightful week last week, and I kind of wished it would last forever - I'll have to post about all the fun I had sometime later on this week. I will still be taking it a little bit slower this week because I'm going to be in and out alot, I'm traveling with my dad tomorrow, and then I will be out of town Friday and Saturday, getting back just in time Saturday afternoon for a wedding here Saturday night ;)

But I'm soooo excited with the results of all of my brainstorming and "re-thinking" I did last week about my business. It will take a while to get it all out, because there is alot of it, and because some of it is still in the refining process. But it's coming, I promise! I had originally planned to not blog this until Wednesday, but I just couldn't wait to start sharing some of my excitement!

So, first off, Jessica Shae {photography} is hosting a day long workshop in November!
I have gotten some very sweet emails and phone calls from some of you the past few months asking if I would consider teaching y'all some things about starting a business, how to use your camera, how to edit, etc. And every time I was asked I said I would think about it and then pushed it to the back of my mind, where I could think about it every so often, but not actually DO anything about it. Because let me tell you guys and gals, I'm very VERY aware, that in the world of photography, there are about 7,528 other photographers who would be more qualified than me to teach you anything about photography. So it seemed kind of presumptuous to announce that I would be leading a workshop.

But then I realized, when I was first learning about photography and starting my business, I can't even begin to count the people who were so patient and kind enough to answer my emails, calls, and txt messages, and said yes to my pleas of "can I take you to coffee so I can ask you some questions?" I'm grateful to the workshops I was able to go to, and the instructors who were so fun to learn from, and I want to take this opportunity to try and do for someone else what all those awesome people did for me (and continue to do!)

And so, because I'm a spur of the moment, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person, I decided, "heeyyyy, why not have one in two weeks?!"
November 10th people - mark it down, because it's going to be an awesomely fun paaacked day where we will talk about everything from booking and interacting with your client, to learning how to use Photoshop Elements and Lightroom to edit your pictures, I have a fun shoot planned for the end of the day with a beautiful model, AND you will come away with with some headshots of yourself taken by yours truly for you to use in your business/branding. And It will all be happening here in my hometown, Frisco, TX.

All you need is your camera, laptop (with at least the free 30 day trial of PS elements and Lightroom downloaded) and your happy smiling self! I am only going to be taking 8-10 people this first time around (don't worrry, there will be more!) and I already have 4 commited, so if you're interested make sure and let me know quickly, I will be giving spaces based on a first come first serve basis. I can't waaaiiit!

And there's so much more fun stuff coming, like my awesome new brand (logo), internship opportunities that are starting in the new year, and a contest for all of my past clients!!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

Thanks to Phillip Glickman for the picture!
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  1. I'm SUPER excited about this!! See you then!! :D :D

  2. Wow!!
    I wish I lived closer!!!!!!


  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiii! See, you weren't just talking to your computer. lol

  4. Jessica,
    Sounds like a such a wonderful opportunity! If we lived closer, I would love to attend! :)

    Blessings, Jessica!

  5. I really wish I lived near you. That would be so much fun! :D

  6. I wish I lived in Texas! I'm in Michigan and that's a bit far for a day trip. =) That sounds like an amazing opportunity!


  7. As a Kindergarten teacher, I'm obsessed with rhyming, and "A Day with Jessica Shae" sounds so perfect! That photograph of you is really beautiful!!

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