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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sometimes it's just the little things that make each day a little bit happier . . .

Like waking up 30 minutes before your alarm goes off, feeling fully rested and ready to get up. (Believe me, this is NOT a normal occurrence for me)

And enjoying the anticipation I feel the day before I leave on another trip. Especially when it means seeing cool people like my brother, Kristen, Lydia, Ica, & Evy. Two weeks of fun coming right up! Not to mention two awesome weddings over the next two weekends ;)

The way the sunshine is peeking in my window right now after enduring dark skies and cold weather for the past 3 days (Yes, COLD in Texas, in April!)

Quotes - Winnie the Pooh quotes are my special favorites these days, there really is so much wisdom to be gleaned from them:
"If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms." -Pooh

Brothers that send a box of gifts from Venice, Italy. Yeah . . . he's just that cool. My gift was a beautiful pashmina wrap. I love it.

Life can be the loveliest thing in the world . . . if you know where to look for the loveliness.

Off to pack and shop for my next adventure!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. Can't wait to meet you at Dane's workshop next week!

  2. It's kind of funny how the blog world works.. until you recognize someone you see in a photographers pictures!!! So, i've been a fan of you since.. well, i found you like last fall!!
    and I saw.. your session with.. (finding it......) Emily!!
    She was in chapel @ My college here in FL.. today and i spotted her.. and went up and said.. um.. this is random, are you from.... texas? nope. Colorado?? yes.. um did Jessica Shae do your senior pics?! she was like.... yeah...
    and her your pastor and wife were with too.. and they were like she used to go to our church!
    it was funny.
    small world.
    and i don't even really know you aside from your blog.

    oh well, made a nice connection point with someone looking at my totally rad school!!

    anyhow, have a fun trip,



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