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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After how much fun Elisabeth and I had on this shoot, we quickly began planning a time to get together for another shoot. We ended up deciding to get together the week of WPPI, which for those of you who aren't photog's and don't know what that is, it's the largest wedding and portrait photographers convention in the world. It's held once a year at the MGM Grand in Vegas, and eeeeeveryone goes to it. Except us it would seem ;)

Seriously though, we were both bumming because we both had lots of friends that were going and we had really hoped to be able to make it as well, it just didn't work out, so we just decided, "Hey, why not have our own little mini WPPI right here in Frisco, TX?" Soooo, maybe it wasn't quite as exciting, or informative, or fun as the REAL one would have been, but we did have quite a bit of fun. . .shooting with other photog's is almost always a blast :)

This time my sister Rachel was able to come along and model for us for part of the shoot, which was nice because that meant we didn't have to trade off shooting each other the whole time. But we did still take the time to shoot each other, because as we all know, photog's are the worst about actually being in pictures. . .we are always taking them!

Just for the record, all of the pictures of me were taken by Elisabeth Carol, and then edited by me, and the rest were taken by yours truly!

For about half of the shoot we shot in the amazing tunnel we found, the lighting was so much fun to play with!

I love this series of her. . .she has amazing hair ;)

Heellloooo hot stuff ;)

What can I say, I have one gorgeous sister. I love having beautiful people to take pictures of that live with me. It's so handy sometimes. . .

mmhmmm...apparently God decided to give her all the "awesome eye genes" in the family ;)

Aaaaand, I got an extra helping of the "nerd gene."

Told you the tunnel was cool.

I'm not really sure whose house were were didn't appear that anyone was living there. It sure made for some cool pictures tho!

Ooooh yes. Hi gorgeous :)

And picture credit for this one goes to Rachel...we couldn't go the whole day and not get one together! :)

Thanks so much for an awesome-ly fun afternoon Elisabeth and Rachel! I'm already planning out next shoot . . . and have some pretty crazy amazing ideas ;)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

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  1. Wow, friend. You take stellar portraits!! Seriously. (Just sayin.)

    I hope I can take portraits like you someday "when I grow up." ;-)

  2. Lovely portrait photos! :)

    I am doing a contest over at my photography blog if you are interested :


    Miss Antoinette

  3. ADORABLE! I think my sister took all the good eye genes too among other things! LOVE all of these is superb. :)

    And....miss jess....your silver sandals...Target? ;) pretty darn sure i have the same ones.

  4. Lovely pics! :) I really like the one of you in the tunnel!!!

  5. Hi Jessica! As usual I love all your pictures they are amazing! ;)and...I have to know where you got that ADORABLE black and white sundress you were wearing with the blue sweater! So cute!


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