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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

These end of year posts are some of my absolute favorites.  I get excited to sit down and scroll through all my work from the past 12 months and whittle down hundreds of pictures into my very very favorites.  So here I am about a month and a half late, posting my recap(s).  I'm certainly not going to miss out on this fun, even if it did take me way too long to put it together.  You also may notice several pictures from sessions and weddings that I haven't blogged yet, but they're coming soon!  *pinkie promise*  Today will be all of my portrait favorites: engagement, senior, proposal, etc. then all of my wedding favorites will be posted sometime in the next week or so.  Thank you to everyone who trusted me with such happy and precious moments and days of your life this year, it was an honor and a joy to work with you!

 photo 002.jpg
 photo 003.jpg  photo 004.jpg  photo 005.jpg  photo 006.jpg  photo 007.jpg  photo 008.jpg  photo 009.jpg  photo 010.jpg  photo 011.jpg  photo 012.jpg  photo 013.jpg  photo 014.jpg  photo 015.jpg  photo 016.jpg  photo 017.jpg  photo 019.jpg
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  1. So much beauty. <3 Loved how you narrowed it down to your very top favorites. Ah, these are gorgeous!!

  2. you are so good. LOVED seeing all these. :)

  3. ahh, i love these all so much.
    you have the ability capture beauty in such a stunning way.

  4. The second-from-the-last. Yes, and more yes. The color of her dress, the framing... perfect, Jessica!
    Beautiful year. :)

  5. these are so great. love love it Jess.


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