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Monday, August 12, 2013

"Any day now. Any day now..."  It runs through my head every morning as I slowly wake up, usually to the feeling of his little feet and hands stretching inside my belly.  Most of you know that a sweet little man child has been slowly growing in my belly over the past 8+ months and I'm amazed that we've already made it to those final weeks where every day holds the possibility of my firstborn son in my arms.

I'm 37+ weeks now, and as of today I'm officially on maternity leave!  This summer has been so busy and full for me, something that has been both hard and good, hard because my body can't quite keep up with the pace that I used to set for myself, and good because it's made the days just flyyyy by and left very little time for me to sit around anxiously waiting for this little one to get here.  I shot my last wedding two Saturdays ago and was determined to somehow accomplish the impossible and have it plus all my other weddings and portrait sessions from the summer finished by this past Friday.  It's amazing what a nesting, eager to get ready for and have her baby mommy can accomplish, because I did it!  So I'm sending off the last round of disks, and links to online galleries today and then I plan on eating 2 (ok, 3) popsicles to celebrate the beginning of this big transition.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be spending the majority of my time getting to know the squishy little man about to enter our world and change our lives forever.  Kissing his cheeks and smelling his soft little head will be very time consuming activities ;)  Because of that blogging, emailing, and everything else business related will be put to the side for a time because these days are precious and few and not something I want to miss out on at all.  I will probably still be posting a few posts here and there, I have so much to share from the past few months, and will try to reply to emails eventually, but I can't be apologetic about the fact that my husband and little man are my number one priorities and will be taking up most of my time over the fall months.  I hope you all will understand.

I am still accepting a limited number of bookings for the last two months of the year, and I am now accepting 2014 wedding inquiries as well.  In the meantime, while things are a little slower over here, I will be probably be posting more frequently on our family blog, with lots of updates and peeks into our life as a newly formed family of 3.  I'm also obsessed with instagram so you can be sure there will be plenty of baby love there when the time comes ;)

Thanks to all who have made this one of my best years of business yet, I'm so very grateful to do something that I love so much and call it work, and while the months ahead will bring changes to both my personal and business life I'm more excited than ever about the years of business still ahead!

Much Love,
Jessica Shae + baby ras

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  1. my gosh your adorable. lil' ras is one lucky boy to have such a special mommy.

  2. Yay! He's almost in your arms :) Can't wait for the instagram 'floods'.

  3. you're such a cute soon-to-be momma! also, i might be just a little too excited for the instagram posts that are going to be coming ;)

  4. Oh, I'm sooooooo excited...when I wake up, I think, Jess could have her little Ras today, and feel so happy!
    Gonna be checking your instagram and family blog 24/7 for the exciting news and new life that will follow. :)

  5. Enjoy your business sabbatical and snuggling your little man! Looking forward to seeing pictures! :-)

  6. eeee so excited for you, jess! can't wait to see lil raspberry. ;)

  7. Congrats on being so close to holding your precious baby! Such an exciting time for you, I know. Looking forward to hearing your birth story (am I the only one who loves these...maybe it's because I'm a midwife...maybe it's just because women like birth stories, I don't know??? *smile*). As you anticipate loving on your little man in person, remember to ENJOY this time, too. You will never have this exact feeling of closeness to him again, while he is still very much a part of you. Remember to let God have His "season of birth" (you know the verse: "there is a time to be born...") and just wait patiently and expectantly before Him. Don't get to anxious (if you can help it at all *smile*) or these precious weeks you still have ahead of you will seem to drag on and on. God's timing is always best. First time mamas give birth on average around 41w3d, so give your baby and your body time to get ready.

  8. bet you are so excited! congrats!


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