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Friday, March 2, 2012

My mild obsession with instagram has continued to grow--it's just so much fun :)  And because I know not everrrryyone can see all the instagrams I post (on an almost hourly basis. I kid, I kid--kind of.) I'll be posting monthly recaps of some of my favorite instagram love here on the blog :)  So here's February, instagram style!

He's the funnest (yes I know that's not a word, mom) person ever. everevereverever. :)

I once heard that Thomas Kinkade paints all of his paintings with all the lights on inside the houses he painted.  The reason he did that was because growing up his mom was a single mom who worked all day and he said that he hated coming home from school every afternoon to a dark house.
I took this walking back up to my house after a walk one evening--there's just something wonderful about a house with warm yellow light spilling out of it everywhere, isn't there?

I made a fool of myself one afternoon at Target, standing in their card aisle cracking up at these cards.  Awkward Family Photo's meets greeting card -- FTW! :)

Just a little valentine crafting...

1. // The dearest Boy in the world sent me the most massive bouquet of flowers on valentines day.  2. // 3 weeks later and I'm still nursing along the last few blooms :)

He also surprised me with tickets to go see George Winston (my favorite pianist since I was a little girl) play live in Ft. Worth.  Since he knows how much I love surprises, I didn't actually know where we were going until right before we walked into the concert hall--it was a goooood night :)

I'll really never get tired of taking sunset photos.

I am a fan of food.  really really a fan.  And I like to take pictures of things I'm a fan of ;)
1. // homemade egg mcmufffin--waaaay better than the real thing.  2. // Free chicken mini's for breakfast the other morning, best thing on chic-fil-a's menu I think.  3. // Soup is probably my absolute favorite winter meal. Just can't get enough.  4. // Goldfish = best snack/meal replacer everrrr.

Someone at work gave The Boy tickets to go see "The Wicked Divas" at Bass Hall.  Super super amazing.  Probably the coolest performance I've ever been to.  The two lead Broadway actors who star in "Wicked" sang tons of Broadway show tunes with the Ft. Worth Symphony.  And our seats were right on the floor, close to the front--amaaaazing.

Recently I've been blessed with sweet random little gifts from different people...they've made my day time and again!
1. // Cute chocolate in a cute package from a couple who I did a mentor session with a few weeks ago.  2. // A postcard from london! Oo-la-la :)  3. // A few days after my birthday I got a package from two girls (who's names I didn't recognize right away) and when I opened it up I nearly started crying over the sweetness of it all.  Two darling blog readers had taken the time to make me gifts for my birthday!  And not just any gifts, but thoughtful creative gifts.  A framed quote, stationary that they designed in my colors, with my fonts, using quotes from my blog, a darling little camera pouch, and they wrapped it all up in the darling-est wrappings!  Thank you Hannah and Amanda :)

If you were not already impressed with the amazing-ness that my Boy is, take a look at the lovely sketch he drew me for our 8 month anniversary.  It was based off a picture taken by the darling Allix B.  Isn't it the sweetest thing?!

1. // this little guys basketball team won the state championship last weekend!  2. // Three of the brothers played in the state tournament, and I had fun going to a million basketball games over the course of last weekend :)

Us-ness ;)

1. // Hearing George Winston play live was nice...but I'd pick listening to this Boy play over listening to George any day :)  2. // letting my inner "anne" come out with some poofy hair :)  3. // Sometimes, I wear basketball shorts to clean in.  But then my legs get cold.  So I put on wool knee socks.  Because I have styyyyyle.  4. // favorite new summer shirt.  Or, in other words, favorite new "freellee" shirt. (nacho libre, anyone?!)  5. // Those two lovely ladies came and saw me a few weekends ago.  we had so much fun laughing, and picture taking, and videoing and eating...good times :)  6. // My favorite, possibly unsafe, reallllly comfortable way to drive.

And there you have it folks :)  I hope your February was lovely--while I can't believe it's already March, I'm SO excited about spring creeping in this month! :)

p.s. to be updated daily with my obnoxious instagram posts you can follow me on instagram at @jessicashae :)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. I am cracking up at you & the bf!

  2. Yaaaay for this post! And I feel honored that my "happy little head" made it in. Hehe :D.

  3. Beautiful February in pictures! :)

  4. Ah! post-card from London! =D And many other happy things... =)

  5. You two are the cutest things. Seriously. And that sketch is beeeautiful.
    Looks like your February was lovely (:

  6. Love the instagram posts so much! and you and "the Boy" are way too cute together!

  7. Wow! The Boy is doin' great with all these special dates and surprises. :) I'm super jealous of the George Winston concert...how fun! We had George Winston played at our wedding (not the real "him" of course). How fun to see the Wicked singers - waaaa!!! That is Jer & Britt's favorite outing together, going to see Wicked. They've one free tickets at least twice now. Egg McMuffin breakfast after Dan's own heart there! Bribe with London...yeah for the fancy postcard. :) Is that a Dr. Seuss quote I see???!!! Yeah!!! I think it is (the "you is you" one)! I'm obsessed with his quotes. Out of all your gifts and outings, what a beautiful sketch he drew of you two!!! That is so cool and special! Hope you both enjoy your weekend together. :)


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