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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last fall, God gave me this weekend.  It was a pause, a breath in the midst of a very busy, ever changing time of life.  It was just one day really, one day of soaking in all the little moments.  Of noticing the changing leaves, loving how the chilled autumn wind made my nose red and my cheeks flushed, and relishing how lovely it felt to have my chilled fingers wrapped around my tall pumpkin spice latte.  And  at the end of the day sitting cozily by the fireplace in Panera eating soup from a bread bowl while enjoying the company of a dear friend.  I remember so much about those moments, even though it happend more than 365 days ago.

I thrive on action, deadlines, work under pressure, and I love living life fast.  I have a hard time saying no to people or projects, which means that life is usually very full if I have any say in the matter.  So breaks are not usually something that I schedule.  But thankfully, God in His infinite wisdom usually schedules them in for me :)  They're usually unexpected, and at a time that I would probably be thinking I should be doing something else.

So right in the middle of last weekend, which was promising to be the busiest weekend of this year, I had a 4 hour break.  I was in Denver for about 2 & 1/2 days, and in those days I had 2 portrait sessions and a wedding to shoot.  After breakfast with two friends on Friday morning I realized that I had about 4 hours before I needed to head to my first portrait session.  I had the option of finding the closest starbucks and trying to get some editing done, or, taking off into the mountains in my jeep wrangler that the rental company had so kindly given me as a free upgrade :)

And so I decided without really knowing where I was going, that I was going to the mountains.  I just drove, and took whichever roads looked the cutest.  (Yes I just said that.)  I rolled the windows down and let the wind make an absolute mess of my hair.  I sang along to country music, and talked to God about lots of different things.  I pulled my car over on the side of the road at random points whenever I saw something that needed to be photographed.  I had lunch at an adorable little bistro in some mountain town, sitting on their outside patio enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the happy little stream that ran alongside the restaurant.

During lunch I wished that I had thought to bring my journal with me, but then realized that it was nice to have nothing to do.  Not even journaling.  And after 4 short hours it was time to head back down to Denver, and jump into non-stop weekend made up of 2 portrait sessions, a rehearsal, a 12 hour, verrrry cold, beautiful wedding, church with friends, and then a flight back home.

And as much as I would hardly ever choose them for myself...I'm so grateful for pauses that allow me to rest, and help me to realize that sometimes a life lived slow is so much sweeter than a life that is constantly rushing to the next thing.

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. profoundly and beautifully put. what can I say? wow, true

  2. Those moments are glorious. God gives us giddy rest, as I like to think. Exploring and resting all wrapped up in a "pause" as you put it. :)
    So thankful you could!

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    I followed you!
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  4. Jessica, I just found your blog, and I am in LOVE! you're writing and photography are just about perfection, and you pretty much have my dream life :) Well, I do suppose I don't know everything, but from what I've seen in the last few minutes, I want to be you when I'm older.
    please keep up the amazing work, you are a huge inspiration to me. (And a lot of others!)
    ~Simi ♥

  5. I love your blog! You're a great writer... :)
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