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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

As much as I adore babies, taking their picture isn't something that I feel especially talented at.  I see other photographers and wonder how on earth they manage to get babies into all those cute little poses while sleeping peacefully and at the same time make an adorable face.  (I seriously sometimes wonder if maybe children's nyquil is involved.  Or maybe a little bit of jack daniels mixed into their formula??  C'mon people, fess up.  Please share your secret.)  Maybe some people just have the gift of baby whispering and that's how they manage it.

But despite the fact that I don't feel like as far as photography goes babies are my specialty--when someone offers to pay you to spend a couple of hours talking to, holding, and playing with a little person as cute as this one, you'd be insane to refuse.  And I'm not crazy...

Alma Sofia || 8 days old

...and she was a perfect angel.

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. So precious. I love her faint little smile!

  2. Oh my goodness. This is beyond precious. How on earth can you say you're not talented in photographing babies?! ;)

  3. Babies are SO hard to photograph. It has taken me awhile to figure out all the tricks of making a newborn session work... I am always embarrassed when parents call me the baby whisperer, and I get called it a lot! But you know why? Because I came to the realization that I have to be confident in my approach to newborn sessions, I do not show stress, or feel stress. I am calm, patient and never rush the session. The confidence that I show, helps parents to relax. The babies feel that!
    You have been around babies a lot! You know what you are doing, be confident in it. Don't be timid when taking charge of the session, you are the one that should be calming the baby if they are fussy. If mom holds the baby, they are only going to smell milk and be more fussy...
    Of course....there are things like space heaters, and full tummies, and not giving up... But be confident. And have endless patience :)

  4. So sweet! She's just beautiful. Love the smile!


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