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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still recovering from the most wonderful trip ever last weekend, while trying to prepare myself for a busy month of weddings, workshops, and other fun-ness.  And at the same time attempting to slow things down a little bit for the fall months, so that I have time for important things like camping, baking lots of pumpkin bread, and watching college football.  It's proving to be quite the challenge.

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
p.s. I'm kind of in love with the midwest. seriously.
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  1. some of my favorite photos of yours. seriously. I adore the one of the cow. The colors are so gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Someday I'll have to visit the Midwest too.

  3. Seriously beautiful. Wow. I love these so much.... especially the one of the cow, and the woodpile in the woods. The midwest is truly beautiful, no?

  4. Gorgeous pictures! :-) You should have a workshop in the mid-west!! *wink*


  5. I am in LOVE with your photos! And kind of a random question — but what products do you use of your hair? I love it!

  6. Dear Jessica---
    I believe we would get along wonderfully.
    I also love Jesus more than anyone or anything in the whole wide world and... I am oh so obsessed with the midwest as well (:
    Just wanted to let you know that getting a glimpse of your life through your photography has warmed my heart <3 Matthew 5:16
    -Mim from MN


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