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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The inevitable has happened, and I am officially in the cool club of loveliness that floats around on there.  I fiiiiinally have a place to post all the wonderful little bits of happiness I've collected over the years from around the web.  I'm still getting started, don't have a whole lot up yet, because I'm limiting myself on how much time I can spend there a day ;)  But, go check out my profile and follow me if you feel like we might be kindred spirits in the "pinning" world ;)
p.s. yesterday, I saw that some of my pictures had been pinned to some inspiration boards...
talk about a day maker.  made me smiiiiile for sure :)

Some of my most recent favorite "pins."

I want this necklace so bad. . .if anyone EVER finds where you can buy it please let me know asap and you will be my new best friend ;)

definitely the cutest graffiti job I've ever seen :)

Some of theeee cutest outfits ever.  I love the brown sandals + sundress.  And the skirt and belt combo is one I wish I could pull off ;)

Someday I want a house with framed words like this scattered all over.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

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  1. You can buy the necklace on Etsy... Enjoy!

  2. Ohmygoodness -- I love that necklace! Wanna invite me to pinterest...? :) I think I'm finally caving...I want one! haha. ;)

  3. cute necklace! And I love those sundresses :)

  4. must. have. that. necklace. <3

  5. oh my word! the necklace!!!

  6. oooh em gee! biggest perma smile right now! That "falling" sign is in Hana, Maui, where I use to live years ago! I have taken a hundred pictures of that sign. thanks for making my day :))

    -grace louise (your newest follower :)


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