JR & Jessica: engaged {tyler, tx engagement & wedding photographer}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She was sitting in band class that morning laughing and talking with friends when he made his way over and said hello.  It was the first year of Jr college for both of them and he had seen her from across the room, and decided he definitely needed to know who the tiny brown haired girl with the adorable laugh was.  But as much as it may have been love at first sight for JR, it was definitely not for Jessica.  She quickly brushed him off because "I figured he was just some weirdo guy...I didn't know who he was."

But JR didn't give up.
(3 cheers for guys who don't give up, right girls!?!)
They were both really involved in band over the next few years, and slowly as Jessica got to know him better...she started thinking that maybe he wasn't so weird after all.  He was funny, and fun to be with, and a really good musician.  And the next thing you knew, they were best friends.  And while best friends was good for a while, eventually JR asked Jessica to be his best 'girl'friend...and this time she was happy to say yes.

They've now been engaged for two years, almost exactly, and I'm looking forward to shooting their gorgeous garden wedding next summer.  (Yes, they will have been engaged for 3 years by the time they get married--they're crazy amazingly patient :)  But they couldn't wait any longer to get some engagement pictures taken, and they picked Jessica's grandmothers 80+ acre ranch out in E Texas for the location.  JR kept Jessica laughing so hard the entire session it was hard to get anything but laughing pictures ;)  Not to mention I was usually laughing pretty hard too...to the point where I had to remind myself to focus and take the picture ;)

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

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