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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey hey!  It's back, hoooray!
I was getting ready to march myself right up to photobucket HQ and put someone in timeout until they could get themselves straightened out!

That little hitch in the giddy-up kind of threw off my blogging groove for the week, so instead of blogging the pictures I was plaaaanning on blogging yesterday, I'm changing my mind (I do that alot;) and we're gonna talk about intern/mentorships.  

The good news is, I'm doing more!  The even good-er news is, I'm doing alooot more!  And the good-est news is, I might even be doing one near you! :)  Oh, pluuuus, there's free stuff involved ;)

So, because of some very sweet and convincing emails over the last few weeks (I'm such a sucker when people butter me up;) I'm not only hosting several more internships this summer, I'm going to be holding some of them out of state.  Meaning--yes, I will be doing several here in my great state, Texas, at my homestead ;)  But I am also for sure planning 1-2 weeks of internships in Colorado (my second favorite state) aaaand I'm open to the possibility of doing one in either Minnesota, or Georgia.  And if you want to see a few more details about what an internship with me looks like you can watch this video I made of my first interns or read either this or this post about two of my spring internships.

So here are the details.

The dates are flexible and subject to change slightly, but right now it looks like that's what's going to work best for me.  I already have 4 girls who are coming to my Colorado internships and I'm only going to be able to accept 2-3 more, so if you're interested in coming to that one, email me asap!  I also loooove to have out-of-towners for my TX internships, so if you're from out of state, nooo prob!  

If you're from one of the other two states I mentioned as possibilities, and are interested in hosting one near you, then shoot me an email and we'll talk!  Basically I'd need to have at least 4 girls interested in attending from that area before I could start planning definitely :)

The second opportunity that I want to tell you about is mentorships!

I get soooo many emails every week with questions ranging from, how to set up pricing, to who do I order prints from, to "I'm about to shoot my first wedding, do you have any tips??"  And let me tell ya, not only am I terrible at replying to emails, it's sooo hard to type up clear answers to some of those kinds of questions!  I'm a face to face kinda gal, so here's the dealio ;)

I'm offering a limited number of free mentorship spots.  You can take me to coffee or lunch, orrr if you live far away we can set up a a skype date, and talk!  You'll have 1-2 hours of my undivided attention and I'll try my best to answer all your questions!

The reason I'm doing this?
Several reasons.  One, because I know everyone doesn't have the time or the money to come to an internship.  And maybe you don't need a whole week of teaching you just have a couple of quick questions.  I want to do it for free because when I was just starting out, there were soooo many people that gave of their time to answer my million and one questions about everything under the sun.  Actually, forget the "when I was just starting out" part, there are still people to this day who I know I can call for help if I need it.  So I want to do that for someone else, or maybe several someone-elses ;)

So if you're interested in a mentorship spot, email me at and let me know 5-10 questions you have for me.  

And I just have to say as a disclaimer to alllll of this.  I don't have all the answers.  I'm not the best qualified photography + business instructor in the world.  NotEvenClose actually.  But I love making new friends, I love teaching, I love helping people learn, and I love photography.  So come join me in all of that!

You have until the 25th of April to apply for both the internship and mentorship positions, and then I'll be announcing who's been accepted on April 27th!

Much Love.
Jessica Shae
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  1. I will definitely be shooting you an email! Longer reply later when I don't have to run to ballet. ;)

  2. I'm SURE that all the girls will have an a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e blast with you, Miss Jessica!! =) I surely did.

    Hey, can I go back to the beginning and start becoming a photographer all over again? I need a good excuse to get some of that awesome ice cream and a few late nights in your office. *wink*

  3. And your blog is looking it's lovely self again. :)

    It must be a blast to be able to train these gals. Btw, very fun video.

  4. Oh em double-you.

    I cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait!! YAY! When you posted this I about threw myself through the roof because I was excited! But I didn't because I want to be in good health when you come through. ;) Thank you so muuuuch!

  5. Oh do one for Minnesotoa!!!! Thast would be so cool.

  6. Cool! I'm in MN too. How much are your internships, and when are you thinking of coming to the Twin Cities? =)

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