Friday, July 3, 2009

After much learning, and editing, I am proud to reveal to you the new "look" of Jessica Shae Photography! Or at least JSP's blog ;) I am so excited about this, because I have wanted a more personalized blog for some time and had thought about hiring someone to do it for me (because I am so clueless) but wasn't quite ready to part with the money that would require.

So, what do you do in a situation like that? Well, google becomes your best friend, and then, when you realize that google still isn't quite going to cut it with all the help you will need, you look for a real live person, who wants to donate some of their time to a deserving charity, i.e. J.S.P. For me that unsuspecting angel was Paige Overturf of
Paige Elizabeth Portraits. Lemme tell ya, this girl is sooo sweet! She found my blog a while back, through a mutual friend, and since then we have corresponded back and forth several times with questions about blogging, photography, etc.

Just so you all have this straight before I continue, I HAVE NEVER MET THIS GIRL. And yet, she helped me for HOURS this week, helping me learn the world of html editing. I had seen several things that she was doing on one of her blogs, and wanted to know how to do it, and it seemed to snowball into these hour long sessions of Q & A time, Jessica bombarding Paige with all sorts of questions that she patiently answered.

Now, if you aren't already impressed enough with dear Paige's sainthood, here's another shocker . . . she is only 17! This girl will go far, she is a super good photographer, in the start-up phase with her business, and I hope you will all go and check out her
site and leave some blog love (i.e. comments) for her!

And, if you were feeling really nice, and had an extra minute or two, I would love to hear your thoughts on the changes around here. I'm such a people pleaser . . . I hope you all like it!

It would be a crying shame (as my grandmother would say) for me to leave you without any pictures, seeing as this is a photography blog and all . . . so, Walla! Here is an adorable picture of my darling littlest sister.

She is seven. She likes pink, swimming, getting her nails painted by her older sister (Uh, me :) and EVERY single night without fail comes into my room right before she climbs into bed and says, "When I get in bed will you come kiss me goodnight, Jessica?" Sigh . . . aaadorable. I love her to death.

This is the look you make when your older sister is a photog-aholic (I think I just made that term up) and takes pictures of you constantly! She was trying not to smile . . . it didn't quite work ;) O, did I mention that her eyes remind me of stars? Because they do.


I know I have been so very bad about blogging over the past few weeks, with moving and trying to get settled in here, there hasn't been much time for picture taking OR blogging. That is about to change folks! I am determined to start posting several times a week. I can't imaging pulling a Jasmine Star and blogging every day quite yet, but I can at least try for 3-4 times a week, right!?!

Well, I'm off for more swimming and a yummy dinner at the grandparents in honor of my dad's birthday, and then to the lake tomorrow for Independence Day festivities!

Happy 4th!
-J. Shae
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  1. I LOVE your new blog look!!! Isn't Paige the best?! She and I have been friends for... forever! She's so sweet and very patient... I was doing all the question asking a few months ago before buying my first dSLR. ;) Love ya, Paige!!

    Hope you have a great independence day!

  2. Oh, and by the way... what font did you use for the "jessica shae" part? It's cool!

  3. Jessica, you are too sweet! You forgot to say that I kept asking you questions too!! Lol!! :)
    Your blog looks awesome, and I'm so glad to have of made a new friend!! Hehe!
    I'm looking forward to all your posting!! ;)

  4. I like it, Jessica! I might need to pick your brain a bit. =)

  5. it's DELICIOUS!

    how's that? :D

    Really loving it! Yes, google can only do so much. I think I need to befriend this girl...okay. I've been a blog stalker of hers for quite some time. ;)

  6. Looks fantabulous, Jessica! Way to go! :)

    Sarah M

  7. L.O.V.E. it Jessica!

    What is better than a team of photographers working together???


  8. Thanks so much girls!

    Shutterfly: I used a font called Windsong, and it was a free download that I got off of

    Paige: Lets see if I can actually keep up with it :P

    Sarah: I would love any excuse to chat with you, so let me know if you want to talk :)

    Thank you all for your encouraging comments!


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