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Monday, July 20, 2009

Talk about a brain cramp.

That's what I feel like I've been having all morning long. I finally made it all the way home last night, after being at Kristen's for a week, and then making a pit stop on the way home at another friends house...I got to sleep in my own bed last night, Hoo-Rah!

I couldn't wait to get up and get going this morning, there are so many pictures to edit, blog posts to write, a new website and blog to finish designing, images to upload . . . so when I turned on my computer this morning, I didn't know where to start!

You know that feeling you had as a little kid coming back home from summer camp? Like, you were on a high all week long, with great friends, learning great stuff, and now you are back home, and you have to start implementing all the things you learned? O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-I-N-G.

I have been sitting here all morning, starting a blog post, then getting distracted from that and I start editing pictures, and then I remember how much emailing I am behind on, so I go and start to write a couple emails, only to think that maybe I should start uploading photo's to my new online gallery . . . and round and round it goes.

I have so many ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head after last weeks out-of-this-world-amazing internship. Seriously, I wish that every single one of you aspiring photog's could go to something like this, it would rock your world like it did mine I am sure.

I want to give one more quick re-cap of last week, and then in my next few posts you will start to see the pictures we were so busy taking all week.

One of the few group pictures I have so far, since one of us was usually taking them! I got this with my cell phone camera, hence the poor quality ;)

mobile pic

The week went something like this:

Every morning we had a little teaching time, on topics like conducting a shoot, editing, marketing, business, branding, design, pricing, and everything in between! In the afternoon we usually put into practice what we had been learning, working on our blogs/websites, editing pictures, etc. And then every night we did a photo shoot, engagement, children, 5 year anniversary, and head shots of each other. In between all those "scheduled activities" We managed to have buckets of fun, staying up late, taking crazy photobooth pictures, eating all sorts of yummy food (a must for any fun gathering) and playing kickball with her church small group.

To kind of sum it all up I. HAD. SO. MUCH. FUN.

There were two other interns there, and it was my first time to really get together with a group of people and do nothing but talk about photography all week. I was so nice to have people around to bounce ideas off of, and I am already missing that aspect of it so so much.

The first intern that got there after I did was Julia. She hails from the great northern state of Minnesota (there you go Julia, aren't you proud of me that I remembered and got it right???) and had the cutest little northerner accent I had ever heard. She was the youngest in the bunch, but had no trouble keeping up with all of us, in fact she is already showing me up and has her new blog all up and running and is almost done designing her website . . . sheesh!

This girl could seriously model . . .she's got it down!

And then there was Irene, better known as Ica (eye-ca) a mix between her first and middle names - Irene Carol. The cutest little thing from Virginia with a huge head of silky black hair. I'm pretty sure she was even shorter than me, which is not easy people!!! But don't let her small stature fool you people, she lives big, in every way! Think Fourth of July fireworks grand finale. . .yep, she's that amazing :)

Um....Hello gorgeous eyes!

And last but certainly not least we have the amazing head photog herself, Kristen Leigh!!! This girl was so much fun to get to know this week, she was so chill, and so patient with all of us. I remember like the second night we were there, we had all just crawled into bed and were talking about how the day had gone, and I said, "You know what Kristen? I think I have realized one of the main reason why this week has been so much fun. It's because you aren't a photography snob. AT ALL. Seriously, so many times I have been around other photogs or written them with questions, and I come away feeling awkward because they had this mightier than thou attitude." Not so with the to-cool-for-school Kristen. She was so easy to hang with all week. I kinda felt like we were sisters after about the first six hours being there and realizing that we were both the oldest of 7 kids, had been home schooled most our lives, believed the same on alot of core issues...yeah, I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth or something ;)

beautiful blue eyed girl . . .


she likes to laugh, alot . . . "I support that" ;)

So, now that you are all insanely jealous . . .(I'm so sorry) I just want to encourage you to make sure and check out these two other up and coming photographers Julia Mary and Ica.

Another post is coming soon all about the new look that will hopefully be implemented around here in the next 24 hours. The plan was to have it done over the weekend, but after running into several kinks that I am still trying to work out, we have a new goal of having it up and running in the next day.

Love to all,
jessica shae
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  1. WOW, Jessica!! You have really turned the page, you are SOOO professional now!!! I mean, your photos are just super amazing...and I am getting more and more jealous by the post. HAHA! :) Can't wait for the new blog design and layout!! WAHOO!!!

  2. Found you through Kristens blog. These are gorgeous pictures! So wish I could do something like that soon!

  3. Cute! I love the headshot of Kristen its gorgeous :)

  4. Did you take all of those portraits? They are AMAZINGLY good! Your pics are so professional! ;)

  5. Thanks so much gals . . . It's amazing what a good teacher can do for you! :)

    Olivia, I did take all of the pictures in this post (except for the very first one, Ica took that:) I love what I'm doing...Im so blessed to get to do it as a job.


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