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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was able to go and visit my good friend Whitney for her graduation from High school last month, and while I was there I did a shoot with her, her sisters, and one other friend who was there for her graduation as well.

We had such a blast, as they showed me around there little town of Pittsburgh Texas, as we scoped out good places to take pictures.

Whitney is such a doll, and I tend to think that her little sisters are taking after her :) I have known Whitney for a little over a year now, but when I think of that it seems crazy, because we are such good friends! She can make me laugh like no other, and together we have come up with the craziest of schemes (the main one being "How to rid the world of dweebs." Please stay tuned for further notice on this project . . . it will be big people, it will be big) And I must say that one of her latest more illustrious accomplishments is the coining of the term "Haw", which has quickly turned into my favorite IM term to use. It is basically the "ha ha" sound, except she added the "W" for a more east Texas flavor. Looove it! Please feel privileged that I just shared it with you, until now, that was our little secret. Feel free to use it as long as you link back to us :)

So, now that I have attempted to tell you what an awesome person Whitney is, I leave it to the pictures to finish the job. As you can see, her beauty exceeds even her wit (no pun intended:).

Whitney Michelle Hall '09


Seeing as that whole weekend was about her, and her accomplishments, this seemed appropriate :)

Yes, that is all of us . . . huddled up so we could all fit :)

Sister's: Amanda, Whitney, & Ashley.

Hannah, Whitney's other friend that had come for the graduation. She was such a sweetheart, I loved getting to know her a little bit over the weekend! And look at her! She could be a model . . .

Whitney & Hannah

Ashley & Amanda

Yes, even the photog was able to make it into a picture!
(photo credit: Ashley Hall)


-J. Shae
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  1. These pictures are sooo cute!! I love the first one...reminds me of a Kristen Leigh shot. ;)


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