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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Most of you have probably noticed that I am now on Twitter, as is evidenced by my little twitter feed at the top of my blog faithfully updating you on my hour to hour activities and thoughts. If you would like to follow me, click on the little gray link above that says "Follow me on twitter" (imagine that, pretty self explanatory:). And if you do, I will probably be nice and follow you back!

Now, on to my other, much more exciting and interesting piece of news. . .

I am sure that a lot of you (if you are photographers any how) have heard of Kristen Leigh, of Kristen Leigh Photography. I stumbled across her blog sometime last summer/fall, and have been faithfully following it ever since. She quickly became one of my top (like 3) favorite wedding photographers, and my number one favorite photography blog to read, hands down!

One of the coolest things is, she is only 19, and has only had her wedding business going for about two years now! It gives a girl a reason to hope if you see people get to where she is in such a short amount of time!

Anyways, back to my story. So, I was reading her blog about two or three weeks ago, and she posted something about how she was planning on doing a summer internship this year. Ummm...can you say, *excited*?!?!? I quickly read through all the info she had posted about the internship and how one would go about applying for said internship. My heart did falter a little at one point when i read this . . ."especially for girls in highschool". But, not one to give up easily, I decided that she hadn't said "ONLY for girls in highschool" so, maybe that was just a suggestion, and I went ahead and applied anyways. Besides, as many of you already know, I regularly have my age guessed as anywhere from 12-16, which would mean that I would blend right in with a bunch of hs girls :)

I sent in my application, with much fear and trembling, hardly daring to hope that there might actually be an opportunity of this happening. The day came that she said that she was going to announce which girls she had chosen for the internship. I was checking my emails almost every 20 minutes to see if she had emailed yet . . . :)

Finally, I got this email. . .I am copying in excerpts since you wouldn't be interested in reading the whole thing anyways.

"Hello hello lovely ladies :D

I have quite a debacle put in front of me. And I loooove it. So, here's the situation - I had 14 girls actually apply for the 4 spots of the internship. 3 of them (*ahem*) where not highschool age (no worries, cause I pretty much love that you buck the system and go for what you want. Rules shmules!)

. . . from your e-mails and applications I really liked you guys :D I didn't want to "kick out" a younger highschool girl, but I love all your personalities and talent and would love to help you in ANY way I can. My proposition? A big girl's camp in July (6th-9th). It would basically be the same idea, but more advanced . . .

I seriously want to meet all four of you! You guys are so talented, so beautiful, SO sweet and it would be fabulous to just become friends and learn a thing or two :D
Let me know your thoughts!


WooT WooT !!!

I am so excited, and although the final details haven't been worked out, it looks as if I will be going to MD this July!

It's so cool, because about two months ago, I read this post she had written about her "Dream List". I thought it was such a cool idea, and have been working on a list of my own ever since then. I think I am up to about 75 right now, and maybe I will share it with you someday, who knows?!? Anyways, one of the things I put on my dream list, was to intern with Kristen Leigh. I mean, come on, this was my "Dream List" so, these were not your ordinary everyday things I was putting down, these were dreams! And now it looks like it is coming true!!!

I will keep you updated on all the details as I know them myself, and you can start looking for even more amazing pictures after I come back in July, can't wait to learn from her!

-J. Shae
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  1. Yay Jessica!!!!! So exciting!!!! Congrats!! Yeah, Kristen Leighs photography is AMAZING!!! Before too long, you'll be up there with her. :)

    BTW, I'm one of Amanda's friends...that's how I found your blog. ;)

  2. Congrats Jessica! Sounds very exciting. :)

  3. I'd jump up and down for you if it wouldn't wake up the house!! :) Sooo excited for you! I love looking at Kristen's photos, can't wait to see if she'll update with pics of that week!!!


  4. Kristen is awesome! So fun & caring! You're going to have an amazing time!! :) Congrats!

  5. Following you on Twitter. :)

    This is an interesting read this morning! I am hoping to host a photography group for a week in the summer with some younger homeschool girls. Nice to know it's on someone else's dream list.

  6. Hey Jessica I just wanted to say thank you for having us. I'm so happy we got to meet! May the Lord richly bless your family! Grace Macias


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